Edinburgh – A City of Villages

Edinburgh is often joked as being a ‘city of villages’, but in many parts of the city that is exactly what it is. There are a variety of communities that form the residential part of the city centre and many of the most desirable suburbs started life as towns out with the old city boundaries.

Areas in Edinburgh

Central residential areas – such as Stockbridge or Bruntsfield – have very distinct personalities, whilst the places that the city has engulfed as it has grown – like Blackhall, Cramond and Corstorphine – have retained much of their former village identities.

Given their very central locations, troupes of trendy bars and artisanal, independent shops it is very much young professionals that have been attracted to places like Stockbridge and Bruntsfield. The large, ornate flats that the New Town and Meadows area are famous for offering convenience to those with the high disposable income to sustain it; a magnet for the city’s twenty and thirty-something professionals. Interestingly these areas are also increasingly also being favoured by a new market that is emerging – those ‘downsizing’ as their children leave home and large houses in the suburbs become unnecessary.

Edinburgh Property Market

As it often is, Edinburgh’s suburbs are most desired by the family market. Larger houses with gardens are high in demand, although if you’re anything like us you may need some help with your greenspace – hiring a good landscape gardener could help add additional value to your home.

Corstorphine, with its village feel is very much on the desirable list right now. Relatively affordable (in comparison to nearby areas such as Blackhall and Murrayfield) but with excellent amenities, good schools and a great atmosphere it is bringing in growing families looking for a home to settle in.

Families on a higher income looking for somewhere more ‘exclusive’ though often find what they are looking for in Cramond. It feels much more isolated than most other parts of the city (although it is well connected with public transport) but this is mainly due to its location on the coast. Flanked by the Firth of Forth on one side and the River Almond on the other there is plenty of green space and places to walk, you may even brush shoulders with author J K Rowling, who lives in this part of the city.

Love Leith

Although never a village, recent years of regeneration have been very good to Leith. The influx of new homes – mainly flats – high-quality restaurants, desirable bars and creative businesses are creating something new for Edinburgh; an exciting location for the city’s younger residents. Not constrained by the historic nature of the city centre and also much more affordable, property Leith is one of the hottest tickets in the market – a whole new village to add to Edinburgh’s growing collection.


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