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Craft beer and curry: a match made in Heaven, located on Earth (in Leith).

VDeep opened its doors in February and has developed a loyal fanbase in a short space of time, myself included. I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages and have a half-finished (glass half-full) review waiting for a few more words. Today’s the day I delete the draft. VDeep’s menu changed and my partial review is redundant.

Luckily I was given the inside scoop on the new menu, a Monday night filled with craft beer and curry, the perfect start to any week.

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-04

To commence our adventure, a plethora of pickles with punchy flavours accompanied our popadoms. Pow.

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-1

Next up, an action shot of VDeep’s Black Ball Ribs, a new addition to the menu and a real winner at our table. These succulently tender pork ribs were glazed with Black Ball stout and had a gentle chilli kick. A delicious dish that prompted an order of Black Ball Stout, Williams Brothers have done it again!

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-15

Hipsters are everywhere. I was concerned when I heard they’d tampered with my favourite VDeep dish, goodbye Pork Cheek Vindaloo, hello Hipster Vindaloo. Thankfully the curry didn’t come with an excessive beard and fake glasses (don’t worry, mine are both prescription).

So what did the hipsters do to my vindaloo? They’ve changed from pigs cheek to pork shoulder (classic hipster) and minimised the likelihood of screwed up faces by reducing the potency of vinegar. This dish is beautifully balanced and will definitely make a reappearance when I next visit.

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-18

The Dhal is another of our VDeep favourites. A vegetarian dish I was always willing to order. The new menu sees a pimped variety, with shredded confit duck leg! Finally, a vegetarian dish I can comfortably order. The Duck Dhal is insanely rich and indulgent, proof that alliterated dishes always tend to taste good.

(V) Don’t panic, the vegetarian classic is still on the menu

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-28

If you like cheese, and you like peas… You’ll love VDeep’s Cheesy Peas, aka Paneer Mutter. An earthy, well balanced and moreish dish. I’m looking forward to seeing this dish re-invented next year with the addition of meat!

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-24

The final dish in our curry collection was the Ox Cheek Bhuna. A popular staff curry that’s made its way onto the menu permanently. It’s easy to see why the team at VDeep voted this their favourite, the curry is so flavoursome. The ox cheek is slow-cooked to perfection – falling apart in its tangy sauce. This curry screams out for naan, something we had plenty of…

Vdeep Edinburgh Leith-22

A naan so big it didn’t fit on the table. This monstrosity was covered in haggis and cheese and was a talking point on the table. Opinions were divided. Some felt that haggis and cheese should never meet, certainly not in an Indian restaurant, whilst others were already diving into a second helping. I see myself as open minded when it comes to food and feel that every dish can be made better by adding melted cheese. I’m all for it. I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be seeing it again some lonely night after a few beers.

We stuck around long after the food was finished and took part in the weekly pub quiz. We somehow managed to come second, I suspect this had something to do with our impossibly good name Half Man, Half Naan. 

I’m running out of fingers to count the number of times I’ve been to VDeep, which says it all really. It’s a reliable restaurant with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. I’ll be back on a Monday to beat the quiz and might even pop back the following day to celebrate with VDeep’s Double Deep deal (two for one on Tuesdays).

It’s been a while since we handed out our seal of approval, but with so many visits and so many more planned we’d be crazy not to give VDeep our prestigious EdinBraw award:




The food was provided at no cost on the night, we stuck around far longer than we had to and made up for our free meal with numerous drinks. I’ll be back to work through the rest of the menu and will leave the naan decision to the last minute. 

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