Unmissable Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2018

Avid readers of EdinBraw will be fully aware of how much we LOVE the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you’re not an avid reader, firstly welcome, secondly did you know we bloody love the Fringe? We’d happily take three weeks off work in an attempt to cram in as much festival fun as possible, but that’s not healthy – cider tastes far too refreshing in August and we have an inability to walk past street food stalls empty-handed (there are so many macaroni-cheese-toasties on offer this year, something so cheesy should not be that easy to find).

A Fallow Year of Fringe Reviews

In previous years, we reviewed Fringe shows in depth, to be honest – it took the fun out of the festival. Hats off to reviewers out there who manage this feat, we may join you next year but for 2018, we’ll be kicking back and enjoying the Festival without the pressure of writing anything up afterwards.

That’s not to say we won’t be sharing our views on the best shows to see this year. What kind of guide to the ‘best of Edinburgh’ would we be without our take on which shows to catch at this year’s Fringe Festival?

Edinburgh’s Best Fringe Shows in 2018

We’re pulling this guide to the best of the Fringe together on day 5 of the festival. At this point in time, we’ve seen 18 shows and have another 8 booked (for now – we earmarked another 50 during a painstaking review of the Fringe programme).

Our Fringe Festival is going pretty well – even the random shows have impressed (you’ve got to play Russian roulette with the Fringe guide at times).

We’ll be sharing our favourites below and keeping the listing updated throughout August – keep checking back as we add more.

EdinBraw Rated Fringe Shows

5 Stars - Edinburgh

Jo Caulfield: Killing Time

One of our favourite Fringe acts from last year holds her place with another hugely enjoyable hour of comedy. So far, it’s the most we’ve laughed during a Fringe show this year.

Stand 3 / 19:40

Steen Raskopoulos: Stay

Steen’s sketch show has become a staple in our Fringe diet. Steen serves up more comedy gold, with cleverly interwoven sketches, a dash of audience participation and a message that moved us to tears (also check out The Bear Pack when it starts).

Belly Button – Underbelly, Cowgate / 20:00


The team behind NewsRevue hold the trump card when it comes to comedy, effortlessly blending pop and politics with hilarious results. It’s worth the price of the ticket just to see Theresa May, Nicola Sturgeon and Arlene Foster bust out some moves.

Udderbelly – Underbelly, George Square / 17:45

Other Excellent Fringe Shows

4 Stars - Edinburgh Fringe

I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With Why Have You Been Sleeping With My Wife: A Play by Christopher Bliss

If you only catch one play during the Fringe, make it one as hilarious and silly as Christopher Bliss’ tale of murder, adultery and delicious postage stamps.

10Dome – Pleasance Dome / 19:00

Scott Gibson: Anywhere but Here

This gifted Glaswegian storyteller will have you in stitches, just don’t mistake this afternoon show as one for all the family.

Billiard Room – Gilded Balloon Teviot / 15:45

Adam Riches Is The Guy Who…

The moment we took our seats we knew this would be an experience to remember, Adam Riches’ character comedy is what the Fringe is all about. We’ll definitely be checking out his other shows this year.

Cow Café – Underbelly, Cowgate / 14:10

Jon Harvey: TreasuRETROve

A retro classic with a modern twist. This show answers a question you forgot you once asked, and I promise you’ll want to hear the answer!

The Box – Assembly George Square Theatre / 21:40

Will Hall: Netflix and Will

Will Hall is a hugely likeable comic with some great material. I expect this won’t be the last we see of him (make sure you buy tickets, it’s a ‘pay what you want’ show, but the venue was packed).

Just the Spare Room – Just the Tonic at The Caves / 14:15

Abandoman (AKA Rob Broderick) – Pirate Radio

Abandoman is always a reliable choice at the Fringe, Rob Broderick can find humour in some of the most mundane places, packaging the audience’s stories up in razor-sharp rhymes.

Udderbelly – Underbelly, George Square / 21:30

Tom Walker: Honk Honk Honk Honk Honk

A clown with basic programming skills is still a clown. Tom showcases some of his homemade computer games and delivers some surreally funny material.

Jersey – Underbelly, Bristo Square / 19:45

Egg: Richard Pictures

A talented double-act with perfect comic timing.

The Cellar – Pleasance Courtyard / 18:00

Adam Hess: Seahorse

You won’t look at the second half of the alphabet the same again after this manically marvellous hour of comedy.

Upstairs – Pleasance Courtyard / 16:45

Looking for Actual Fringe Reviews?

Our aim with the above list of recommendations is to point you in the direction of some shows we enjoyed. If we have the same taste in comedy, you might enjoy them too.

However, if you’re looking for some more in-depth reviews prior to making your decision, we can recommend the following reliable sources:

What have you seen this year?

We’d love to hear your recommendations for this year’s Fringe. You’ve seen the types of shows we like, what else shall we go see?

Leave your recommendations in the comments below, we can’t wait to read them.

Have a great Fringe! 


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