Tuk Tuk – Time to Tuck In

If I was going to list the things I enjoy it would go a little lot like this:

  • Eating somewhere new
  • Trying lots of little dishes
  • Sharing a meal with EdinBloggette
  • Garlic and chilli
  • BYOB with no corkage charge
  • Feeling like a winner

It’s a pretty specific list and you may be wondering why we’ve introduced it so late in the game. Are we shoe-horning it in to our review, perhaps even tailoring it for the post, it’s all quite possible – but for one moment let’s not start looking for conspiracy theories, instead let’s just see if Tuk Tuk became Tick Tick.

We passed Tuk Tuk on a bus and we both thought it looked like a good pre-cinema option, so one Monday night we ventured down to give it a whirl. Upon entering we were greeted by numerous staff and shown to our table, everybody was incredibly friendly and so welcoming, we were off to a great start!

Tuk Tuk is a very stylish restaurant with an intentionally rustic feel, there were plenty of tables free when we arrived but by the time we left it was getting pretty busy – I’m almost certain this was because it was later and not because we were leaving…

Once the menu arrived we found out that it was a tapas style affair, this was met with dual approval – we love having lots of little tasters, it gives us a chance to experiment and try things we wouldn’t usually order. We were also advised that the restaurant operated a BYOB policy with no corkage, we hadn’t planned on drinking but this was good to know and would play a factor in us returning should the meal go well.

The recommended dose to cure hunger was 3 – 4 dishes per person, we were considerably hungry and so decided on 7 dishes plus a garlic naan. We could have easily ordered more, everything on the menu sounded so tempting!

Come with us now on a journey through our Indian Street Food Banquet:

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh02

The Patina Lamb Karahi was rich and spicy, the lamb was so tender and full of flavour whilst the mint gave it a whole Sunday roast vibe. EdinBloggette didn’t get too involved in this dish, she’s not a lamb-fan disliking both the taste and the texture, this dish was all mine! Hurrah!

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh04

The Ginger Garlic Chicken was begging to be ordered, how could we resist alliterated garlic! This was crazily good, we could have easily ordered this as a whole curry, the chicken was so moist and curry sauce had the perfect balance of garlic and ginger.

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh05

Next up, Bun Kebabs, I might have known that EdinBloggette wouldn’t have liked these, so why did we order them? Because EdinBloggette knew I would enjoy them, the blogging relationship was in perfect balance (if not a little lopsided in my favour). These spicy tikki-wala mini burgers were served up in the freshest bread rolls and were a real tasty treat, I ended up eating them both due to EdinBloggette’s aversion to lamb.

The burgers were served with a side of massala chips, as if we didn’t already have a mountain of food to climb! The spicy coating gave these a real kick, adios peri peri salt, there is a new spicy seasoning in town!

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh06

The Pakora Platter seemed like a logical addition to our Indian feast, these were some of the best pakora I’ve had in a long time, light and crispy, perfect with a little of the curry sauce from our numerous dishes.

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh07

The Baby Aubergine and Potato was EdinBloggette’s decision, I’m not mad on aubergine for the same reason she avoids lamb – the flavour and texture just don’t do it for me. Much to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed this dish, it’s no lamb curry but it was incredibly tasty and carried a subtle kick from the chilli.

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh08

Chicken 69 was a last-minute addition to our order, a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine which didn’t really tickle our taste buds, it was definitely sweet and sour but it somehow felt out-of-place on a table of dishes which complemented each other so well. That’s not to say we didn’t finish it, the dish was definitely good enough to eat, but our heart was already won over by the Ginger Garlic Chicken.

By this stage you’re probably thinking that there were four of us dining, well you’d be wrong, we have eyes far bigger than our stomachs which often results in over-ordering.

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh09

One final dish, but this one was vegetarian so it can’t be used against us when you are trying to decide how greedy we were. The Channa Puri was accompanied by some deep-fried flatbread which was a touch too greasy but the chickpeas and sauce were truly delicious. There was a little kick, but nothing overpowering and it tasted so fresh and healthy, YUM!

A bird’s-eye view of our curry collection:

Tuk Tuk Edinburgh10

Eagle eyed viewers will notice the garlic naan, which we have neglected to mention, this took the place of rice on our table and was such a great addition, not too heavy and perfect for dipping into our wide array of curries.

Overall this was an incredible meal, the chicken 69 might not have hit the spot but with so many other winning dishes on the table it didn’t really matter. The benefit of this type of dining is that you get to try new things, if you order seven dishes and only one felt out-of-place then I think you’ve stumbled upon a reliable restaurant.

At the end of our meal we were asked to roll a dice, if a six came up we would pay absolutely nothing. We’d already seen two tables succeed in this and had no hope of replicating their success, we had to try though. I lifted the cup, gave it a little shake and tossed out the dice with a slight flick of the wrist, I watched the dice spin for an eternity until it finally came to a stop, I counted up the spots and soon found out that we hit the jackpot. What were the chances? A million to one? Who cared, this was a magnificent Monday!

The bill was removed from our table, before leaving we had to double-check that we definitely didn’t have to pay anything, after an approving grin from the wonderful waiting staff we picked up our bags and skipped out of Tuk Tuk (this is for dramatic effect, we were too full to do anything other than crawl out).

Tuk Tuk ticked all of our boxes, sharing lots of little dishes in a new restaurant whilst feeling like a winner, we’ll certainly be back to take advantage of the BYOB policy. The dishes were all reasonably priced, costing on average £5 (unless of course you roll a 6 on a Monday). We’ve got a few certainties on our next visit and are looking forward to branching out and trying some others, it may take a few visits to work out the perfect feast but we’re willing to do just that. Our recommendation is to order 3 dishes per person, you can always get extra ones later if you are still hungry.

We are proud to award Tuk Tuk our EdinBraw award which is reserved for our favourite places, or those which are almost certain to become our favourites after subsequent visits:


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