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The Piemaker – Pick a Peppered Pie

With an empty stomach and cupboard EdinBlogger was in need of immediate Sunday sustenance.

I took a short walk around Leith to assess my options, I dismissed Greggs and Subway but soon stumbled upon a newly opened pie shop on Great Junction Street.

There was a good selection of pastries on offer, but what caught my eye was the peppered steak pie.

When ordering I was told that I would receive a 20% Sunday discount, I’m not sure if this deal is still on-going but it was a nice surprise and one which spurred on an order of coffee to celebrate.

Piemaker Make me a Deal

The service was speedy, the pie-lady was friendly, and the cost was very reasonable – a coffee and pie set me back £2.80.

I ventured home to enjoy my Sunday snack, the pie had such a homemade feel to it, slightly uneven with a nice crisp pastry.

Piemaker Pie

Bite after bite was an absolute pleasure, the name of the pie was very accurate, the steak was indeed peppery and was also nice and tender.

Piemaker Pie

I don’t have a great deal to say about the coffee, it was hot, brown and tasted fine.

Piemaker Coffee

There were a wide array of other pies on sale and I’m sure in time I’ll get the chance to try some other varieties (haggis pie I’m looking at you).

2nd Pie Selection

If you are ever in the mood for a tasty pie, heady down to Greggs on Great Junction Street then simply cross the road and visit The Piemaker.

Food: EdinBlogger (9/11)
Venue: EdinBlogger (10/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (11/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (11/11)

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