The Fringe Part 5 (B is for Fringe)

They say good things come in B’s – the Fringe is a great example of this.

Each of the following shows have made up part of our Fringe lineup over the past few years and we’re happy to say they will feature again this year.


Beardyman is an incredible talent, a human beatbox extraordinaire. We were aware of how skilled he was in making mouth music, but were surprised by how funny he was as well. Taking requests from the crowd he created unique songs in a wide range of styles about an even wider range of topics.

Why not take a look at the video below to get an idea of how the show in 2011 went down:

Benny Boot

Benny Boot doubles up on the B’s for extra fun, his shows are not entirely conventional, he’ll often break his jokes or give warnings when new material is about to be tested out. Benny Boot seems nervous and uneasy on stage, I’m 99% certain that this is all part of his act. ‘Banter’ is often used to fill any gaps, throwing another B into the mix, but don’t worry you’ll see it coming.

Adam Buxton

I used to love the Adam and Joe show when I was in School and more recently I enjoyed watching BUG at the Fringe Festival and on Sky. The show is a simple concept – introduce great music videos and then read out the YouTube comments in a funny voice (quite often his own funny voice). It doesn’t sound like groundbreaking stuff, but it is Mr Buxton’s likeability and natural humour that makes this such a treat. As well as seeing a great show I also went away with some new favourite music videos and an intention to read more comments left online by some of the funniest people in the world – the online public.

Three B’s that don’t make honey, instead focussing on funny.

The excitement continues to build!


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