The Fringe Part 4 (Tape and More Tape)

One of my favourite shows in recent years has been The Boy With Tape On His Face, to the uninitiated this act comprises of a boy (man) with tape (duct) over his breather (mouth). The Boy somehow manages to get the whole audience on board without a peep, armed with only a satchel of household objects ranging from staple guns to oven mitts and accompanied by the sounds of Amélie. It’s quite an achievement to be able to get a crowd of people singing Return to Innocence by Enigma without actually asking anything of them, but The Boy can achieve anything.

Those with short attention spans will love the show, each ‘sketch’ lasts a couple of minutes and usually involves a member of the audience. Don’t let this put you off though, I’d say this is probably the only show that I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to join in with, possibly due to the lack of talking and the certainty (rather than possibility) that you will look stupid – which is fine.

There can be a few frustrating moments when The Boy makes a member of the audience attempt something requiring an incredible degree of accuracy, you immediately start rooting for the stranger and once achieved a feel a great sense of pride for one of your own.

Whilst this year’s show is the same as last year (I think) I will still be going, it was great fun last year and the audience participation keeps it fresh.

The Boy With Tape On His Face

As well as his solo show, The Boy is also hosting The Big Comedy Gala in Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Shut up cancer!


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