The Fringe Part 3 (Staying Up Late)

It was only in recent years that we started to get involved in the late night comedy events – they can be absolute mayhem.

Folk at these shows are so tanked up that if the comedian doesn’t get the crowd laughing it can be a bloodbath. I’ve been to Late’n’Live twice now and each time there was one comedian that got ripped to shreds. I was actually quite enjoying both shows and saw no reason to heckle (nor would I risk it), however, it only takes one member of the audience to start a mexican wave of hatred and the whole thing can turn into an entirely different show.

One such example was when a topless Jeff Leach appeared, there were a couple of guys in the audience who took an instant dislike to like him (I actually thought he was pretty good). Once two people started to boo it didn’t take long for a few others to join in, Jeff’s slot was ruined, he had no way of getting the audience back on board. A classic heckle in the form of “You’re no funny, I’m funnier than you” resulted in Jeff getting the guy on stage to prove it – he could not.

I admire comedians braving such a minefield of an audience, there’s a huge element of danger to the shows which makes them exciting to be a part of.


Having missed it last year we are looking forward to seeing The Stand’s Late Show, it’s a darker venue so there may be more people willing to ‘join in’. I’m going to start practicing staying up late so that we can enjoy these shows come August.


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