The Fringe – Part 2 (Podcasts, Partners and Surrealism)

After several years of seeing Lee and Herring we started to branch out, at first we didn’t get very far merely opting for another of Richard Herring’s shows – his daily podcast. The official unofficial King of Edinburgh meets with different performers each day and caries out in depth interviews addressing some vital questions such as “if you had to make love with an animal, which would you choose and why?” or “would you prefer to have an armpit sun cream dispenser or a regenerative ham hand?”.

It’s always highly entertaining and worth going to see more than once, my bank manager doesn’t allow me to see every single show, so I resort to the recorded podcasts which are available online. The experience isn’t quite the same but it’s a great listen and the perfect way to get a glimpse into the minds of different performers at the Fringe.

This year we also plan on seeing Bridget Christie, Stewart Lee’s wife, not knowing much about her material this is the only way I am able to describe her for now.


Two examples of comedians we have been introduced to through Richard Herring’s podcasts are Tony Law and Simon Munnery. Both were great in conversation with Richard Herring and spurred us on to get tickets for their own shows.

Last year Tony Law was without a doubt the best show we saw, he was so off the wall and broke all the rules of stand-up comedy. The whole audience was on board and I couldn’t help but recommend him to friends afterwards.

We saw Simon Munnery twice last year, firstly his solo show whereby he sat in the crowd and projected his face onto the stage and secondly at a fine non-dining restaurant experience which served up alternative comedy to a table of 8. Simon Munnery has an interesting style and whilst not always laugh out loud hilarious he is always clever and very unique.


Four more shows added to the calendar, we’re now up to 6 – although we’ll probably catch the podcast a few times again this year.

Next time on EdinBlogger does the Fringe… Staying Up Late.


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