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Hot dogs, get your hot dogs here!

To tell you the truth I’ve never been in to hot dogs in a big way, there’s something about the texture, they’re always a little rubbery. I’m not alone on this, EdinBloggette is in the same boat, in fact she’s the captain of the ship.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sausages, I’m a huge fan of bangers and mash and even had it written on a t-shirt at one stage, I was young – I had some terrible t-shirts.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh02

So what do two intrepid bloggers do when invited to Leith’s one and only hot dog specialist? Well, we open our minds and mouths and try something new, how brave I hear you cry!

The Flying Dog is somewhere we’ve been planning on visiting for a while, it’s very inviting with its huge windows that you can actually see through – a world away from The Trafalgar Bar which had an ‘enter at your own risk’ vibe.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh06

The bar was pretty quiet when we showed up, we put this down to the World Cup (which we were more than happy to miss). It’s a very relaxed bar, nicely styled with mismatched furniture and bare walls. The owner, Viv, was so welcoming and talked through the menu and drinks options.

As a self-declared chilli addict I was intrigued by the chilli beer which had just been ordered in. Never before had I thought that I should be drinking chilli too, but tonight was a time to experiment. EdinBloggette was taken by a pale ale going by the name of Doggie Style, aptly brewed by The Flying Dog Brewery.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh10

We were also offered a taste of the Flying Dog draft beer, which was refreshingly crisp and perfect for a slightly muggy day. The chilli beer was bizarre, it certainly smelled hot, but didn’t taste spicy until a few seconds after swallowing. Doggie Style was the clear-cut winner, a slight hint of citrus and no after burn from a pickled chilli. That’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying my beer, it was strangely moreish and was surely going to go well with my choice of dog…

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh11

The Flying Dog with cheese and chilli seemed like my logical choice, whilst EdinBloggette (an avid consumer of coleslaw) opted for the Slaw Dog, I’m not going to suggest she wimped out by avoiding the chilli, I’ll allow you room to make your own call on this.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh13

EdinBloggette’s dog was tucked away in the soft fresh bun with lashings of slaw acting as a blanket.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh12

My dog was covered in a molten mound of cheese and chilli, with three jalapeños – thankfully without a hint of beer.

Both dogs were tasty, simple and gone within minutes. Two people with immense doubts about their ability to even consume the dogs were proven wrong, that’s not to say this is going to become our favourite dish, there’s still always going to be something unusual about the texture of hot dogs for us. We both much prefer ‘real’ sausages as opposed to hot dogs, with a crisp skin and looser meat, but people with a passion for hot dogs will certainly be at home at The Flying Dog.

At £6.50 the dogs represent good value for money, chuck in a couple more pounds for chips and you’re on to a winner.

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh14

To accompany the dogs we had a secondary pot of slaw and a poke of chips, these were the ideal side order to our doggy dinner (although perhaps a little too much slaw for my dining companion), it’s safe to say we were satisfied with our meal.

After a visit to the little boys room I returned to a slice of ice cream cake, EdinBloggette certainly knows how to keep me happy!

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh15

I didn’t even think I was still hungry, but the ice cream cake was gone before I knew it, I felt like a kid again (this happens quite regularly).

We relaxed into the Flying Dog having had our fill, enjoying the music and a catching up on the day’s events. It was midweek but we decided on a few more beers and truly made ourselves at home.

Viv talked through future plans to offer other dishes, smoked salmon pricked up my dining companion’s ears and we were already starting to make plans to return.

We finished the evening with a shot of Aquavit, the water of life. This is pretty potent stuff, weekdays will never be the same again!

The Flying Dog Leith Edinburgh16

We had a great time at The Flying Dog, we cleared our plates, enjoyed our drinks (although we only tried one chilli beer) and stuck around far longer than we had intended. We’re not yet converted into the world of the hot dog, but we were glad to visit, we’ll no doubt be back to the bar soon for some live jazz and a slither of salmon whilst enjoying a few more beers.

We were invited down to try the food at The Flying Dog but covered the cost of our drinks, all views remain our own and we were not asked to write a positive review. 

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