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Stockbridge Duck Race

The Stockbridge duck race on Sunday was great fun, we picked a variety of winning ducks (fingers crossed) and watched the mayhem they caused in the river.

It was lovely weather for the event, the sun was shining and the rain held off until the race was over.

As is the tradition, Mr Duck showed the others which route to follow, it was as graceful as ever.

The race began, no. 187 was leading the way and the others were nowhere to be seen. The excitement was building fast, we would have cheered on our batch but forgot to remember the numbers.

Moments later a cavalcade of ducks stormed down the river, accompanied by a few humans to help guide those not taking the optimum route already set out.

Some ducks took to the sky to avoid the congestion in the river, a good tactic, but would it pay off?

There was an incredibly tense moment where man and dog fought over duck, man won this time and duck flew to safety.

It was a great day out and all for a good cause (LIFECARE and St.Columba’s Hospice), well done to the team organising this and braving the river to help guide the lost ducks.

We’re looking forward to next year’s event and will be getting some practice in throughout the year!


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