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We recently ventured down to Steak for their lunchtime option, which seemed reasonably priced at £9.95 for two courses, with the ‘option’ of a glass of wine for an additional £3.50.

This was our first time here, we’d been meaning to come down for some time to try out their big juicy steaks but instead settled for a light lunch – if this went well we’d plan a return visit to work up some meat sweats at a later date.

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It’s a lovely restaurant, much bigger than imagined and what one in the trade would describe as swanky.


The waitress took us to the table closest to the radiator to help warm us up a little, we sat back and admired the butter tray which was soon accompanied by some fresh and tasty bread.


We are a blog with simple tastes, butter and salt on a chunk of wood set the tone and cloth napkins sealed the deal. We love cloth napkins.

First up (after bread) was wine, one red and one white to enable as wide a coverage of the menu as possible.


For our starters we ordered the lentil soup and apple and walnut salad.


You’ll have to forgive the poor image quality of the soup, it’s a dimly romantically lit restaurant and we were incognito so avoided using our flash. The soup was a great starter, very earthy and moreish, it certainly got me in the mood for my main.


My dining partner’s salad was also incredibly tasty, it was filled with lots of wonderful surprises. The walnuts were caramelised and addictive, as chief reviewer I had to get involved in tasting this as much as possible. Fresh and light, what a delight.

On to the mains, my dining partner ordered the coley fish and chips, whilst I (surprise, surprise) opted for the rump steak and chips.


At first glance, EdinBloggette was feeling short-changed on the chips, but this was lunchtime and as it turned out the portion size was perfect. The fish was lightly battered, delicate and flavoursome, EdinBloggette didn’t fall in love with the chips but I suspect this was a generous plan to share them with me. How thoughtful.


I asked for my steak to be cooked to medium specifications, but when it arrived I wondered how this would have even been possible. The steak can’t have spent more than a few seconds cooking and there was little opportunity to cut through to reveal a juicy pink interior, it was simply too thin for this. That’s not to say it didn’t taste good, it most certainly did, but I had my heart set on something which would need my steak knife skills.


What we kept on forgetting was that this was a lunchtime deal, for £9.95 these two courses represented great value for money. There’s no chance you would be able to order a big fat juicy steak for such a low price – if you could then suspicion would probably come as a side order.

If our meal at Steak taught us one thing, it’s that we can’t wait to come back in the evening and try the main event. We’ve even started entering the #SteaknShake weekly competition in the hope of saving some blogging bucks. I’m not sure why we’re sharing that information with you as you’re only going to make our chances of winning slimmer than my rump steak, but as a blogger we must share everything, otherwise what else will we go on about?


Founder of EdinBraw along with my partner EdinBloggette. Our Edinburgh food, drink and events blog has been a life changing experience for us, we love it!
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