Souq Edinburgh

A visit to Souq may have you burning more calories than you consume, unless you devour the baklava cheesecake, a brief stint of belly dancing is unlikely to offset that indulgent treat!

Souq Edinburgh

We recently joined Citylicious at Souq (sister restaurant to Pomegranate, Hanam’s, and Laila’s Bistro) in Edinburgh’s Southside for the launch of #SouqSaturdays.

Having enjoyed meals at Pomegranate and Laila’s Bistro, we were excited to see what Souq had to offer – BYOB and belly dancing, a match made in Morocco.

Souq is absolutely enchanting. Colourful lamps hang throughout this vibrant restaurant, creating a cosy atmosphere and relaxing vibe.

For the mere price of £20, you can enjoy a three-course meal at Souq, which includes a mocktail (BYOB also available) and non-stop entertainment from the in-house belly dancers (and a few diners who couldn’t resist a wee shimmy and shake).

Falafel and hummus
Falafel and hummus at Souq
Qarnabit - Deep fried cauliflower with whipped feta
Qarnabit – Deep fried cauliflower with whipped feta

Starters at Souq Edinburgh

Starters include the falafel with hummus and deep-fried cauliflower with whipped feta. The falafel were nicely flavoured but were a little too crispy (and dry as a result), the hummus helped save the dish by adding a little moisture. Having enjoyed falafel at the sister restaurants, I think this was an off day for Souq and easy to overlook once we got stuck into the delicious deep-fried cauliflower.

Vegetable Fatayer at Souq
Vegetable Fatayer at Souq
Tagine Djaj at Souq
Tagine Djaj at Souq

Mains at Souq Edinburgh

I uncharacteristically opted for the vegetarian option, the Vegetable Fatayer – I’m glad I did, this was an absolute treat. Yes, it’s basically a pizza, but when has that ever been a bad thing?

Dishes like this make life as a vegetarian seem pretty easy, until you try a bite (or two, possibly three) of your dining partner’s slow cooked chicken tagine. A bowl of bliss, aching to be soaked up with some of my vegetable fatayer.

It’s not often that you visit a restaurant and start making plans to buy the furniture and crockery.  The colourful lamps would fit in perfectly at EdinBraw HQ and cooking in a tagine has been on my to-do-list for a while (along with a trip to Morocco, that’s even higher on our list).

The portion sizes were generous and we were approaching maximum capacity, but it’s a three-course menu for a reason…

Baklava with Saffron Ice Cream
Baklava with Saffron Ice Cream
Baklava Cheesecake
Baklava Cheesecake

Desserts at Souq Edinburgh

Baklava all round for dessert, and whilst it’s not on the set menu, we’d heard there was a Baklava Cheesecake somewhere on the menu (I’m glad we went off the grid this was the perfect end to our meal).

For some reason, the baklava on the cheesecake was tastier than the portions of baklava with ice-cream. It’s probably something to do with the cheesecake, everything is better with cheese or in cake form, tick both boxes and you’re in business!

Belly Dancing at Souq

Throughout the evening, the talented belly-dancers provided entertainment to the busy restaurant. I hadn’t realised how playful belly dancing could be, it’s difficult not to get into the rhythm in our chairs (or in Gemma’s case, centre-stage in the restaurant with a coin belt strapped on, and hips well and truly in motion).

Souq Edinburgh Belly Dancing

Dining at Souq is an experience, the food was as enjoyable as the entertainment.

For £20, a three-course meal is a great deal, you may even end up having a brief belly dancing lesson, bargain.

With four locations around Edinburgh, you’ll never be too far from one of Jamal’s restaurants – our favourite is Pomegranate on Leith Walk – although the distance to our flat is a huge factor.


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