Review: Trevor Lock – Special Mouth Noises

We found out that Trevor Lock was performing at the Fringe Festival by accident, he’s nowhere to be found on the EdFringe website (details of his show can be obtained from the Free Fringe site). We may have to see him again as we’re not quite sure if we saw his actual show, instead it seemed like a bespoke performance and something that we’re still talking about.

The show started with a little confusion, a rearrangement of the furniture to make optimum use of the smallish audience. At first Trevor moved a few spectators, then suggested he would perform by the exit until finally settling on creating a ’round’ with the crowd. This was to be the start of an unusual Fringe show, nothing was going to be conventional about this performance and we were nervously excited for what was to come.

Trevor is disarmingly friendly, incredibly likeable and most importantly… hilarious. He possesses a razor-sharp wit but can also create comedy in pure silence, at times literally nothing happened and it was still some of the most entertaining material of the Fringe.

It’s hard to tell if the show proceeded as planned, but that didn’t matter, we felt we’d been provided a truly unique tailor-made performance. This was some of the greatest comedy we’ve witnessed at the Fringe and one of the most unique acts we’d seen to date.

Our show relied on audience participation, but with a host like Trevor you feel at ease and willing to participate rather than nervously being put on the spot. It was impressive to witness such quick wit through Trevor’s interactions with the audience, this was a masterclass in comedy.

There aren’t many shows that you would consider seeing more than once, but if you find one you know you’ve discovered comedy gold.

Venue: Bannermans
Time: 3pm


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