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A few weeks back I had a thoroughly smashing time at Toast’s launch party. The atmosphere was lively, the food didn’t last long and the never-ending flow of fizz made me wish it wasn’t a school-night. I was keen to see how Toast would fare if there wasn’t a help yourself policy to food, and drinks didn’t magically refill every few minutes.

This was the perfect excuse for one of our Friday night ad-hoc Leith date night extravaganzas (I should think of a better name) – we’ve had a few of these in recent months, they’re always well attended and often result in lazy Saturdays with animated movies and a little more wine.

Wine O’Clock – Time for Toast

5pm on a Friday is officially wine o’clock, so as soon as I’d left the office, I phoned Gemma (EdinBloggette) to request her immediate presence in Toast. I hadn’t realised the clocks must have gone back, Gemma was already enjoying a glass of Merlot at home – great minds drink alike.

It seemed many Leithers had the same idea, it wasn’t the warmest of evenings, but the outside area of Toast was full. It’s a great wee spot with an amazing view of Leith’s Shore, somewhere that holds particular significance to Gemma and me as it was the meeting point for our first few dates.

Like most windows, Toast’s are perfect for seeing through, but few provide front row seats to one of Edinburgh’s best sunsets. I can see why The Proclaimers are so obsessed with Sunshine on Leith, the place is positively magical during the golden hour.

Toast Leith Wine Bar

Atmospheric Toast

There’s no point beating around the bush. Toast is very cool. Exposed brick, lovely use of light, a wall of wine, and great tunes all create an inviting atmosphere – this was the start to a wonderful evening. I ordered a couple of glasses of wine and a cheese and charcuterie platter. I was alone at this point (unless you count wine as company, which I do), I’m proud to say I showed great restraint and didn’t tuck into the platter until Gemma’s arrival. As a food blogger, this gave me ample opportunities to take photos from a number of angles without the risk of Gemma getting hangry.

Review of Toast in Leith - Cheese and Meat Platter

Cheese, wine and meat. What a tasty treat. The platter was pretty damn satisfying, it would have been nice to have a little texture on offer, whilst the fresh bread was lovely we’d happily have swapped some out for some oatcakes (or had both, it’s a Friday – carb-loading is necessary).

I can get from my office to Toast in 7 minutes, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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Will we return?


Some dishes on the menu weren’t available and I get the feeling more options will be added in the future. For us, the platter was exactly what we needed, we’ll certainly be back once the menu has been fleshed out a bit more.

Who’s it for?

Wine lovers, Leith lovers and people watchers. Toast is the perfect place for a glass of wine and it very nearly turned into the perfect place for a couple of bottles.

Who shouldn’t visit Toast?

Anybody looking for a few slices of toast.

Toast (
65 Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RA

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