Review: Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

One of our goals this year was to see more live music, first up was Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip at the Liquid Rooms.

We’d already seen Pip’s spoken word show in the Fringe and were huge fans, he’s an incredibly talented man with a great sense of humour and powerful prose.

The gig was a sellout and it’s easy to see why, there was something for everybody, it’s the perfect blend of poetry and hip hop with a big dollop of dance on top.

It’s sensible hip hop though, there are no gangsters with guns just a poet with puns.

During intervals between tracks Dan Le Sac and Pip provided some light entertainment there were a few gags and plenty of banter, there’s great chemistry between the two which was especially evident in the analysis of The Proclaimers’ – 500 miles.

The gig had it all, some tracks moved you (Angles), others inspired (Get Better) and others just made you want to dance move, towards the end of the gig it could easily have evolved into a club night with Dan Le Sacs mega mix.

One regret was not getting in early enough to see the support acts. Sarah Williams White joined Pip to perform Cauliflower and it was one of the highlights of the gig, her voice was amazing we’d love to have heard some of her material.

Overall it was great fun and we’ll jump at the chance to see the pair again.


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