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Review: Sanitise

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Even the cleanest of people can have dirty little secrets, where better to hide them than in one of the most private of places. Sanitise is a one woman play which combines dance, music and illustration seamlessly. It examines what it means to be clean as well as what it means to be dirty.

Set in a pristine white bathroom, our solo performer arrives all flustered, but soon starts to calm down as she cleans her domain. Melanie Jordan is a captivating performer to watch from start to finish, co-starring are her huge eyes which can command laughter with only the slightest movement. With no dialogue, Melanie relies on physical comedy to entertain the audience, reminiscent of the early (and funnier) Mr Bean material.

It soon became clear that this was no ordinary piece of theatre, the fourth wall was broken down with a few cheeky waves and glances to the audience, even requesting a little assistance from her viewers to ‘suit up’ at one stage. The story touches on sexual taboos and illustrates how society has deemed that these dirty secrets best kept behind closed doors.

The use of music and animation really added to the drama, creating a further dimension and elaborating on the bathroom beauty’s insecurities, hopes and fears.

We left the theatre and overheard a couple discussing what they just saw “well, I’ve never seen anything like that at the fringe before” – neither had we, but we’re so glad we did. Sanitise is a one-of-a-kind production and a real joy to witness. We’ll not be keeping our enjoyment of this production a secret.


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