Paul Foot: Words – EdFringe 2013 Review

We decided to give Paul Foot a miss at previous Fringe Festivals when a friend described him as the worst stand-up comic he’d ever seen. A few year’s have passed and we have grown a little older and wiser, no longer do we place so much faith in words of others and we are now keen make up our own minds.

Enter Paul Foot, shiny suited and erratic – we were in hysterics within seconds.

The show was utterly pointless, Paul Foot can talk for ages without saying much at all, often just repeating a phrase in his accent which ranges from Dalek to Frank Spencer. To break up the insanity Paul reverts to his disturbances and introduces a dear friend Mr Johnston. These moments of calm were no less bizarre but a welcome break from the constant hysteria, that’s not to say these weren’t funny sections – they were just lest manic.

Paul Foot is a master of controlling pockets of laughter in the crowd, he glances from side to side sourcing solitarily giggles and continuing until they eventually subside, this often snowballs and individual members of the audience take turns in finding their own moment of humour.

Be warned if you sit close to the front you may get mounted, a lot of the comedy comes from audience participation but this is merely Paul Foot shouting his points at the audience, it’s all totally harmless and hilarious.

Our friend was wrong, Paul Foot is one of a kind, totally ridiculous, absolutely absurd and very very funny.

4 Stars - Edinburgh Fringe


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