Mithas – Street Food Festival

The last time we went to Mithas we described our experience as a ‘Magical Mouth Watering Meal’ so when we got the opportunity to sample the new street food menu we were jumping with joy.

Food and festivals go hand-in-hand so for this delight EdinBlogger and I (the Blogette of the duo) tossed a coin as to who would sample the Mithas Street Food Festival and who would take the long journey to Glastonbury – thankfully for me it was the former.

The Street Food Festival began with Jal-Jeera – a water and cumin drink. This was an unusual taste but definitely sparked an interest for the pending spice sensation.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food1

First up was a duo of sauces and a pot of mixed pickled veg, if I was dining with my usual EB partner I may have tucked in for a wee sample at this point however given the special festival occasion I waited for the starters to arrive first.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food2

The colours were so inviting and the mixture of tomatoes, onions and mustard seeds were so tasty that I went back for a ‘few’ seconds. The perfectly balanced mint chutney was a cooling thrill to the mixed veg and the trio of spicy starters. I felt the starters were perfectly proportioned for two people – and I do hope my new dinning buddy thought so too (wink and smiley face if you’re reading).

A firm highlight for me was the muscles in a tomato mix, they were full of flavour and had a subtle touch of heat that kept me coming back for my ‘few’ more seconds.

The cone was filled with fried rice puffs, coriander and mint sauce. Those of my dinning buddies who enjoy the Bombay Mix really liked this and the cone proved very easy to pass around and share. The final of the trio was Dholka – a fermented batter derived from rice and chickpeas with a touch of cumin. The  spongy texture was the perfect contrast to the rice puffs and I added a little extra crunch from the pickled veg.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food3

Next up was Raj Kachori, White Bait fish and chicken wings. Raj Kachori is a flattened ball made of fine flour stuffed with green lentils, it was decorated with a delicate and integrate swirl of sticky sauce. The White Bait and chicken wings were delightfully crispy and flavoursome. I highly recommend this trio of delights and will happily return when EB has recovered from Glastonbury.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food4

More I hear you say… well of course! Mithas are truly the most gracious hosts and you will definitely not leave hungry. Again we had a further trio of delights to sample, this time in the form of lamb, vegetables and fish. EdinBlogger is usually the lamb eater of the two so not having him with me I had to take on the task myself. I was surprisingly a big fan of this fine lamb mince kebab, it had a subtle spice and was perfectly accompanied with a cube of softened pepper.

Dahl Bghalla is a fried lentil dumpling topped with yogurt and tamarind, this dish was surprisingly cold however with the mix of spices and hot dishes on offer it brought a refreshing addition. Last but not least were the prawns, these were coated in toasted coconut and offered a delightful crunch. This dish was absolutely delicious and I could easily have eaten the entire plate, I did refrain this time but can make no such promises for our next visit.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food5

Mithas had clearly timed this dining experience to perfection, we had enough time to refresh, chat and digest before the main event arrived. The aromas of spice and heat appeared first, followed by dishes upon dishes of curries, rice and naan bread.

Dhaba Chicken brought a touch of ginger, garlic and spices to this chicken on the bone dish. I usually deter EdinBlogger from ordering any form of meat and bone combination however as this was a festival I joined the conga line and tucked in. The meat had soaked up the juices and was so tender and succulent.

The vegetable Tak-Tak proved another big hit, the medley of vegetables were absolutely delicious and again the combination of flavours were perfectly balanced. Poriyal offered a fried contrast to the vegetables, again it was packed with spices and flavours that worked perfectly together.The Kabila Dal was another taste sensation, I particularly liked the burnt garlic flavour and would happily order this dish again and again with a portion of the beautiful Jeera Pulao.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food6

After another perfectly timed rest our taste buds were brought the joys of Kulfi and Ras Malai, this was dessert of mango and cottage cheese dumpling. The mango parfait was definitely my favourite, however I happily finished the platter.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food8

What better way to finish a meal than with a full green chilli and a cool coconut drink. I left the chilli however will happy challenge EdinBlogger to finish it at our next visit.

Mithas Edinburgh Street Food7

It was an absolute privilege to sample this street food festival menu before going live on 1st July. I would highly recommend this dining experience to everyone, as not only do you get to share great food with those you love, you also get to sample the food loved so much it was worthy of a festival.


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