Leith Chop House // Highland Park Whisky

Chop House – Leith

When it comes to sumptuous steaks and sensational seafood, the Chop House has you covered.

I was lucky enough to attend a special evening in the Leith restaurant, filled with Highland Park Whisky, the best British beef, a selection of seafood, all followed by more even more whisky.

The evening began with a pair of delicious canapes:

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Steak tartare


Duck Scotch egg

I wish I’d started blogging about food earlier in my life, there’s no way I would have eaten half the food I eat today if it wasn’t for our mission to blog our way around Edinburgh. You see, I was pretty closed-minded when it came to matters of the tum, EdinBraw has opened my eyes to a whole new world of flavours and experiences.

This duo of delights didn’t stand a chance!


Shrimp tempura, scallops and Bloody Mary ketchup


50 day-aged bone-in rib of beef


Oysters with shallot and red wine vinegar


Sides included dripping chips, buttered greens and cauliflower cheese

The Chop House’s surf and turf feast was served at the ‘captain’s table’ – a huge round table, which seats up to 10 people. Conversation flowed as easily as the wine, much of which revolved around how sensational the food was.

The beautifully tender beef had a gamey quality as a result of the ageing, hearing how much the ageing can impact flavour and texture was fascinating. The Chop House dry-age their beef in-house, you can even see it for yourself when you visit.

Seafood isn’t something that entered my mind in previous visits to the Chop House, but after this impressive banquet I may forego some sides and opt for scallops or shrimp tempura on my next visit.


Marshmallows, mini doughnuts and salted caramel


A selection of cheeses and figs

I had no room for dessert, but as these were bite size pieces it didn’t really count. The perfect excuse to grab a handful.

Cheese is only indulgent if you melt it, so I made light work of that course too.

The perfect end to a perfect feast!


Highland Park 12 Year Old

Throughout the evening we enjoyed cocktails using Highland Park 12-year-old, we also had a sneak preview of the new bottle.


The revamped design of the Highland Park 12-year-old bottle is inspired by the history of its Orkney home. The tactile bottle takes design inspiration from an ancient “Stavkirke” (wooden church), in the Norwegian village of Urnes.


Whilst the bottle has gone through a drastic redesign, the contents remain unchanged. Highland Park 12 is a lightly peated whisky with honey notes and a peppery finish – a perfect entry level whisky for those wanting to dip their toe in the smokier end of the spectrum.


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