Le Di-Vin Wine Bar – Cheese and Charcuterie

We’ve been blogging our way around Edinburgh since 2013, searching for the best food the city had to offer. Early in our ‘research’, we found a few hidden gems which we’ve been recommending to friends and the visitors of Edinburgh ever since.

Here’s the problem, time hasn’t been kind to our blog posts, technology has moved on and our photography skills have improved dramatically. For this reason, we’ll be revisiting some of our old favourites and hopefully doing the Edinburgh restaurant scene justice with our new and improved food blogs.

Le Di-Vin Wine Bar

We have fond memories of our first visit to Le Di-Vin, it’s always high on our agenda if we’re in the West End of Edinburgh with an overwhelming desire for wine and cheese – a fairly common combination that has resulted in numerous revisits since we started blogging.

Le Di-Vin is the perfect candidate for a blog refresh, the old review had some fairly shocking photos and we had a craving for some wine and cheese (again).

The wine bar is tucked away on Randolph Place, beside sister restaurant La P’tite Folie. An impressive wine display stands proudly behind the bar and a Last Supper mural, featuring Scottish and Fench icons, plays tribute to the religious heritage of the building.

Le Di Vin Edinburgh Wine Bar

As a converted chapel, Le Di-Vin boasts high ceilings and some original stained glass windows. It’s an impressive building, worth visiting just for a look around – although it’s much better if you sit down for cheese/charcuterie and a glass or two or wine…


A wonderful cheese and charcuterie platter including:

Rabbit Terrine
Jesus Basque
Rosette de Lyons
Saucisson des Alpes
Parma Ham
Prosciutto cotto alle erbe

Brie de Meaux
St Albray

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Excellent Service

The attentive French waiter walked us through the platter, making every element sound even more delicious with his pronunciation. I’ll run out of adjectives if I attempt to write about each piece of cheese and slice of meat, let’s just keep it simple, the platter was absolutely delicious.

Our only criticism would be the little packets of butter, every element of the platter was of the highest quality and the crusty bread was wonderful. The butter feels cheap in comparison, it’s only a minor point, but given that everything else was perfect it could be an easy tweak to elevate the experience even further.

Le Di-Vin is a Sophisticated Wine Bar with French Charm

If I worked in the West End of Edinburgh I’d almost certainly be a regular for a spot of lunch or some post-work Pinot. We’ll continue to recommend Le Di-Vin to anybody looking for a good wine bar in Edinburgh, it’s a lovely restaurant with lots of charm, somehow managing to create an atmosphere perfect for large groups and those wanting an intimate dinner date.

Le Di-Vin Menus

Le Di-Vin – awarded our EdinBraw seal of approval in 2017


Le Di-Vin Wine Bar
9 Randolph Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7TE


LeDiVin Edinburgh2

LeDiVin Edinburgh3

LeDiVin Edinburgh5

LeDiVin Edinburgh6

LeDiVin Edinburgh7


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