Le Di-Vin – Secret Charcuterie

We were recently invited down to Le Di-Vin to sample a mixed charcuterie and cheese board, the wine bar is tucked away beside La P’tite Folie – we were totally unaware of its existence until our visit but we’re now in on the secret and ready to share it with you.

We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the wine bar, who knew something so grand could be hidden away from us all this time. There was a great atmosphere, making it the perfect place for couples to enjoy an intimate glass of wine or for larger groups wanting to celebrate the end of a work day.

LeDiVin Edinburgh2

Here at EdinBlogger we love our wine, that’s not to say we’re experts, but with a wall of wine like the one on display in Le Di-Vin you’d be hard pressed not to find something to your taste.

We were shown to our table beside the breads and cheeses which quickly got us in the mood for what was to come, it also made me wonder if we could justify our own cheese cabinet at EdinBlogger HQ. 

LeDiVin Edinburgh3

First up was the charcuterie selection, including delicious crusty bread, olives and some of the cutest gherkins known to man.

LeDiVin Edinburgh5

The French waiter brought out the meat board and introduced us to each of the elements, it was certainly nice to meat(!) them and even better to eat them. This was a high quality selection of meats and perfect to share over a glass (or two) of wine, the rillettes of pork were truly delicious and the ham made me question what I’d been putting in my sandwiches all these years.

LeDiVin Edinburgh6

How can you follow up a tasty selection of meats? Well, it turns out that it’s fairly simple, bring out an equally outstanding selections of cheeses. These were also delivered to our table by a French waiter, who provided the names of each of the cheeses. I wish I’d taken notes of all the fancy names, I know the families of each but could benefit from knowing the specific names so that I could attempt to source my own supplies.

I have now developed a Pavlovian response to French accents – next time we sit down to watch Amélie I’m going to wonder when the meat and cheese will arrive.

The Brie and Goats Cheese were mind blowing, they will form part of all future comparisons and no doubt they will be difficult to beat. The sheer variety of cheeses was so exciting, each with its own distinctive character and flavour.

A gooey dollop of goats cheese on a crisp oat cake with a touch of subtly spiced chutney and a single grape was a match made in heaven.

LeDiVin Edinburgh7

This is our kind of dining, incredibly social with a wide variety of flavours and textures, the most common phrase during our dining experience was “ooh, ooooh, you should try this one!” and then trying to decide who would have the pleasure of enjoying the last morsels of meat and cheese.

We were so glad to have found this bar, whilst wine is clearly the main event it’s nice to know that the food won’t disappoint. It’s the perfect venue for a few drinks to catch up with friends or to unwind after work.

At under £16 for the two platters we think this represents great value for money, it was the perfect size and didn’t leave us hungry. The wine bar had a great atmosphere and we can’t wait to return to spend some time researching the wine menu a little more, we also noticed that Croque Monsieur was on the menu which is reason enough for us to return.

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