Holyrood 9a – Chilli Death and Cheeky Chips

You can’t beat a good burger, you can eat one though – so we ventured down to Holyrood 9a to do just that.

There were an astounding number of burgers on offer, but with one dubbed Chilli Death there was little reason to review them all. My burger buddy kept things simple by ordering a plain cheese burger, this provided a good cross section of flavour which would maximise our reviewing potential. To keep us company we asked that a Bulmers and Ginger Grouse joined us at the table whilst we waited for the burgers to arrive.

The waitress was very friendly, service with a smile would be an understatement, however it never felt forced or over the top.

Holyrood 9A

The burgers arrived in a sour dough bun and were accompanied by some red slaw and string fries. I couldn’t wait to delve into the burger and experience the death sauce, for a chilli fiend like me it wasn’t that hot but did work very well with the burger. There were brief moments of spice, which kept things interesting whilst not taking away from the flavour of the burger. I would have liked to see a little more pink in the burger but that’s a personal preference, it was still very moist. The plain cheese burger also went down a treat, sometimes it pays to keep things simple and not over complicate flavours, but as I always say spice is the variety of life.

Holyrood 9A

We both agreed that the burgers were great and fries nice and crispy, our opinions were divided on the red slaw with my thumb firmly up and my dining partner’s down. However, we didn’t come for slaw, we came to eat meat and were very successful in that endeavour.

The icing on the cake? A customised chip made specifically for EdinBlogger, we always operate anonymously so somebody must have tipped off the chef. Sadly no extra points are available for branded fries, but we have to admit it was a very nice touch.

Holyrood 9A

With such excellent service, great ambience and a wide selection of burgers you’d be hard pressed not to have a good meal at Holyrood 9a, we’ll happily return to try out some of the other varieties soon.


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