Gett/GetTaxi Review and £10 Free Credit

Gett/GetTaxi Review

GetTaxi (or Gett) is a new app that will make getting around Edinburgh a piece of cake, leaving more time to eat pieces of cake. We have free credit on offer to first time users, all you have to do is sign up and take your first ride:

GetTaxi using the code GTGARY43

Gett/GetTaxi – What is it?

One of the most intuitive apps we’ve used in a long time, imagine a useful Angry Birds, an app to help order, track and pay for a Taxi. This was right up my street.

What’s wrong with phoning a taxi I hear you ask? Well, first of all, I’m terrible at remembering taxi numbers and sometimes don’t know exactly where I am when I actually need one. I’ve also been guilty of walking home in the hope that a taxi will magically appear, but I’ve been around long enough now to know that magic doesn’t actually exist (spoilers).

Gett or GetTaxi Review

When GetTaxi asked us to give the app a whirl and offer up free credit to all our readers we jumped at the chance. To get the most out of the experience I packed my bags (with beer) and left Leith, heading deep into the West of Edinburgh.

I waited long enough to make sure a bus wasn’t an option and then booked my first Taxi through the GetTaxi app.

How Does GetTaxi (Gett) Work?

It’s so simple! The app knows where you are so that bits sorted, all you have to do is decide where to go and then sit back and wait.

As if that wasn’t good enough, you get to watch your Taxi make its way to you on a map. A notification lets you know once it’s outside, I made my way downstairs a couple a few seconds early and was outside just as the taxi pulled up, seamless.

Gett/GetTaxi App Review

There was no need to scramble for change, you simply pay by card through the app, it was no more expensive than if I had booked over the phone or hailed a taxi. The only difference seemed to be added convince and being able to act as Big Brother and track your driver.

Once the journey was complete I could add a discretionary tip and leave a review of my journey. This was nothing short of a five-star journey and Christopher provided plenty of banter on route.

I was keen to hear how the app was working from a taxi’s drivers perspective and was happy to hear it was a simple and straightforward as the traveller app.

Never Wonder How You Got Home Again

The app actually get’s better each time you use it, it remembers your journeys so you can re-book with ease and even stores all your taxi drivers details for future reference. It’s possible to contact the driver again through the app, which could be especially handy if you left your wallet or handbag and needed to make sure it was safe. The only downside of the app is being able to see how much you have spent in total, I did this once on Amazon and regretted it to this day.

Gett/GetTaxi App Screens

If the idea of a taxi isn’t exciting enough you can change the icon to something more adventurous – I recommend the helicopter, slightly more believable than a spaceship. I’m not sure about turning taxi rides into a game, but I may change this view once I reach 500 points!

Gett/GetTaxi Free Credit

Once I learned that you could refer friends on and travel for free I considered quitting my job and becoming a full-time commuter, but the with a £500 limit on earnings it wasn’t justifiable. I know I mentioned free credit for you earlier in the title, and that’s perhaps why you’re here, we’ll come to that shortly.

In Summary

Gett is must have app in Edinburgh, so simple to use and really handy when you don’t have cash on you can just want to get home.

Did you say Free GetTaxi Credit?

I did indeed, just enter the following code and you’ll get £10 absolutely free:

Pressing the button will also take you to the GetTaxi website.

I used free credit for my journey, but this hasn’t impacted my view. Ultimately it’s the same Taxi you would hail on the street, there are no hidden costs, it’s just simple and useful. 


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