Fortitude – A Coffee Converter

I’m addicted to coffee.

Predictably, this post is best served with Blur, Coffee & TV:

I tried to come off it once and everything went a little Trainspotting/Snow White, I became incredibly grumpy and sleepy. The break didn’t last long and I was soon back up to my normal consumption, however I vowed to make this addiction worthwhile and enjoy more that just instant coffee.

Although I invested in a French Press I was never able to replicate the taste of fresh coffee from one of Edinburgh’s many coffee shops. We’ll continue to brew at home but will also be sipping our way around Edinburgh learning more about coffee – and it appears there’s a lot to learn!

Fortitude coffee is the latest addition to the caffeine scene, located next door to The Stand in New Town.

Fortitude Coffee3

The decor and styling is clean and simple and the cakes were all too inviting:

Fortitude Coffee1

Our review couldn’t be based on coffee alone (the excuses you have to make to eat cake!), especially with those brownies being in such close proximity.

Fortitude Coffee2

EdinBloggette loves the smell of coffee but has never really enjoyed drinking it, today was a day of experimentation and she opted for a latte too.

We took our brownie over to our bench and had a nibble prior to the coffee arriving, within seconds we had somehow eaten the majority of our tasty treat, even before documenting it for the blog:

Fortitude Coffee4

The coffee arrived and we resisted temptation to order a fresh brownie to go along with it, this was a difficult task as the incredibly gooey treat had impressed team EB and left us wanting more.

Fortitude Coffee5

The coffee was superb, rich and creamy with a subtle sweetness, even EdinBloggette got on board:

” I think I’m going to get into coffee… (EdinBloggette 2014)

Hip hip hooray!

Fortitude is going to be buzzing around the Fringe and rightly so, the relaxed atmosphere, great tunes and awesome coffee is a recipe for success. We’ll certainly be back and may well pick up a bag of the Workshop coffee for EdinBlogger HQ.

If it’s good enough to convert EdinBloggette to the delights of drinking coffee then it’s good enough to be awarded our seal of approval:


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