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Elbow – The Burger King (Now Closed)

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, we’d heard that Elbow made cracking burgers so one evening we decided to test that word with our mouth. Our Edinburgh food blog has made us a little obsessed by burgers, this post will be no different.

EdinBlogger’s internal compass was affected by extreme hunger which resulted in a few wrong turns on route to the bar, the detours were cunningly passed off as ‘taking the scenic route’. After a little iPhone orienteering we eventually found our Elbow, the lengthy walk helped build up an appetite and made it much easier to justify the addition of cheese to the burger and having a starter.

The bar had a “this would be a nice local” feel to it, we took a table in the corner and assessed our surroundings.

Red candle, bird houses, mirror ball and fish tank. Elbow has something for everybody, we were only missing menus but they soon followed.

We had just seen a burger delivered to another table, it looked great from a distance and the only polite way of seeing it close up was to order one of our own.


We frantically turned the pages until we found the burger section, we’d decided that starters were no longer necessary and would proceed directly to mains.  As always I wanted needed some chillies so asked for cheddar and jalapeños, on this occasion my burger buddy kept it light and simple with mozzarella.

Out of nowhere I slipped in an order of calamari, thus breaking our agreement to go straight to mains, it was a bold strategy but hopefully one that would pay off.

Liquid refreshment came in the form of Ginger Grouse, Summer in a glass. It’s a tasty drink, perfect on a nice warm evening, although it can get a bit sickly after two or three.


Whilst waiting for the starter we noticed a few games in the corner, first up was Guess Who. Upon opening the box we found that the game had been made infinitely more difficult by having some of its inhabitants removed permanently. We soon gave up and moved on to KerPlunk, sadly there were no marbles and only a handful of straws. It’s not Elbow’s fault, some punters must have pilfered them.


We soon got over our lack of games, once the calamari arrived, it looked good and was pretty tasty. Peppered circles of the sea, simple and not too chewy.


With calamari completed we were ready for the burgers.


The burgers were served stylishly on a slate, semi open face and very inviting. The burger’s toppings were oozing out, the only thing better than cheese is melted cheese – sliced bread doesn’t even get a look in.

Upon entering the burger I was greeted by absolute bliss, it was so meaty and moist, each bite was a delight. The cheese with chillies were a good choice, my companion even sneaky sneaked some off when she thought I wasn’t looking.


The heap of fries adjacent to the burger were great as well, thin, crispy and not the least bit greasy, no sirree.


The mozzarella version of the burger also received high praise, to quote my partner in crime it was “flavoursome, tender and juicy”. What a way with words, in time there will be a guest review of our BBQ so you’ll get to enjoy more of her adjectives soon.

We were able to use a gourmet society card which enabled 2 mains for the price of one, which was great value for money. If you don’t have a discount card you could visit on a Wednesday and enjoy and burger and cocktail for £10, alternatively just pay full price as it is most definitely worth it.

As we left we met the resident goldfish, both were extremely friendly and relaxed just like the bar staff.


When EdinBlogger started out we were on a mission to find Edinburgh’s best burger and Sunday roast, whilst we are still looking for the best roast I think we may have found a contender for best burger. We had a great time in Elbow and will be sure to return soon, we might try something else on the menu but with burgers this good it will be difficult not to stick to what we know.

Elbow is the perfect local, it’s just a shame it’s so far away.



Founder of EdinBraw along with my partner EdinBloggette. Our Edinburgh food, drink and events blog has been a life changing experience for us, we love it!
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