Edinburgh Thai Cookery Course at ENTCS

If you’ve visited EdinBraw before, or follow us on social media, you’ll know that we love eating out in Edinburgh. What you probably won’t know is how much we enjoy cooking at home when we’re not continuing our mission to find Edinburgh’s best bars and restaurants.

Thai Cookery Class

We adore Thai food (read about our favourite Thai restaurant in Edinburgh) and we regularly make Thai green curries at home. We found a tasty green curry paste, which lasts for months in our fridge – it’s debatable whether or not it should last that long, but it never seems to have done us any harm.

We’ve dabbled with homemade curry paste, but it’s never quite reached the levels of the pre-made stuff. It’s always seemed a little pale and lacked the punch we seek from our green curries.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

When the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School reached out to see if we’d like to spend the day learning the basics of Thai cooking, we jumped at the chance. This would be our opportunity to expand our home cooking repertoire and hopefully master homemade Thai green paste.

ENTCS’ Overview of the Thai Cookery Class

Arrive at 9.45 am for coffee or tea whilst you watch a short demonstration and run through the day’s recipes. You will then cook dishes that will be suitable for lunch, which you can enjoy with a glass of wine. We will start cooking again at approximately 2pm and will cook dishes, which you can take home and enjoy later! The day will draw to a close at 4pm.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School
Joanne and Sue – Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Our Experience

The day began as all days should, with tea/coffee and some shortbread. Our mentors for the day, Joanne and Sue, introduced us to some of the ingredients we’d be using in our recipes.

If the coffee hadn’t woken us up, a big whiff of the fish sauce or shrimp paste sure did the trick.

Joanne and Sue gave us a demonstration – a Thai Beef Salad with Red Nahm Jim Dressing. This would form part of our lunch, the rest we’d be cooking ourselves very shortly.

Edinburgh cook school ingredients
Fresh ingredients for our Thai banquet

What’s Cooking?

  • Thai Green Curry Paste
  • Thai Red Curry Paste
  • Thai Sweet Curry Sauce
  • Tom Yam Gai
  • Phad Thai
  • Panaeng Style Curry with Prawns
  • Thai Sweetcorn Fritters
  • Thai Fish Cakes

It seemed like quite a bit to get through in one day, especially with a break for lunch, but Joanne and Sue managed to keep our stress levels down and helped with a few time-saving tasks (pre-cooking the prawns and helping with some of the washing-up).

EdinBraw Cooking
EdinBraw – Team of Two hard at work

Armed with a handout of the recipes and a willingness to learn, we entered the kitchen, donned our aprons and made ourselves at home at our workstations.

We’d be working through the recipes one at a time, the instructions were super easy to follow (and have already come in handy at home).

Before we got our hands dirty, Joanne and Sue gave an overview of the recipes, providing time-saving tips and handy information (such as where to buy the ingredients in Edinburgh). Breaking down the recipes into bite-sized chunks made the information much easier to digest, and resulted in some pretty tasty bite-sized chunks throughout the day.

Tom Yam Gai - Thai Class ENTCS - 1
Tom Yam Gai – EdinBraw Broth

The Thai curry pastes were a breeze to make and were far superior to our usual pre-made paste (and my lacklustre homemade version). You’ll need a fairly effective food processor to save some time, we’ve got a wee one at home which will do the trick, but may need to upgrade at some point.

We brought so much curry paste home that we ended up freezing some in ice cube trays, whilst it’s not as good as the fresh paste, it still beats the store-bought stuff hands down.

Banana Fritter - Thai Class ENTCS - 1
The banana fritter with salted caramel we enjoyed over lunch was a real treat!

Our day whizzed by, the next thing we knew we’d made Thai Sweet Curry Sauce, Tom Yam Gai and Phad Thai (which would form the basis of our lunch with a Thai Beef Salad, followed by Banana Fritters with Caramel Sauce).

The dishes were surprisingly simple to create, it helped to have a huge kitchen and expert guidance whenever we needed it. I’m pretty sure we’ll be recreating many of these dishes for years to come.

ENTC Thai Curry
Panaeng Style Curry, made in the class, enjoyed at home

After lunch, we created a Panaeng Style Curry, Thai Fish Cakes and Thai Sweetcorn Fritters. Again, the dishes were easy to work through with the guidance of Sue and Joanne, who covered the basics and gave us the confidence to tackle these Thai classics.

We came to the Thai cookery class armed with Tupperware to bring our spoils home. We barely had enough room in our bag for it all and would be eating Thai for the next few days (and weeks, with a plethora of paste).

Edinburgh Thai Cook School
Focusing on Sweetcorn Fritters

We became the envy of our work colleagues when we rocked up with the most delicious Thai lunches, whats that you’re eating? Leftover takeaway? Nope – it’s our very own expertly crafted Thai food!

Phad Thai ENTCS
Our Phad Thai, plenty for lunch during our course and more the next day!

Would we recommend this Thai Cookery Course?

Absolutely. You’ll meet some likeminded people and get to know each other whilst you develop some new skills. The lunch-break was a great opportunity to chat with fellow students over a glass of wine, and eat some of the food you just made.

At £155, the course is reasonably priced. You’ll be well fed on the day and have plenty of Thai meals to enjoy at home. All ingredients are provided on the day, all you need to worry about is having an apron and plenty of Tupperware.

The Thai cookery course gave us the confidence to approach some exciting recipes, that we’d previously only enjoy in restaurants. We’ll definitely be putting these new skills into practice at home and are keen to learn more about Thai cuisine – if you have any cookbook recommendations, let us know in the comments. 

Would we return to Edinburgh New Town Cookery School?

100% yes! We’ve actually got our eyes on a few of the other courses (curries from around the world, knife skills and cooking techniques and artisan bread making).

For more information, visit https://www.entcs.co.uk/


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