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Is it really a whole year since we helped organise Edinburgh’s first city-wide Secret Santa campaign? This year has truly flown by!

We had an absolute blast organising it last year and only had a few hiccups along the way – namely us running around Edinburgh trying to make sure all the gifts made it to the rightful owners.

Registration is now open

Secret What Now?

For those of you who didn’t know, or didn’t get involved…

Last year 200 people joined a city-wide secret santa event and bought gifts for complete strangers, nobody knew who they were buying for and participants only had a small amount of information to decide what to buy (each person completed a profile page detailing their hobbies and interests).

Once the gifts had been bought they were dropped off and picked up around the city at  designated gift exchange points (a number of indie shops, bars and hotels).

There were around 20 locations acting as gift exchange points last year which created a buzz for the thriving indie shop scene, whilst it was great working with so many businesses it was a little difficult for us to manage. This year we’re planning on having fewer exchange points spread out more evenly around Edinburgh (i.e. City Centre, Grassmarket, Leith, Stockbridge). We’ll still be involving other local businesses through promotional activities, by providing discounts for participants and tempting people with the possibility of random prizes included with their presents.

In Partnership With…

Edinburgh Secret Santa operates in partnership with Love From Indie Street and Can You Escape, the campaign wouldn’t be possible without their guidance and support and we are incredibly grateful for all the help they provide.

Love From Indie Street is an online high street of Edinburgh (and recently Glasgow) Indie Shops. We love this site and refer it on to anybody looking for some gift ideas in Edinburgh. The Love From Indie Street gift vouchers can be used across a huge selection of indie shops and will be sure to please those who are impossible to buy for!

Rebecca Christensen set up Love From Indie Street in 2014 and worked closely with us last year on the Secret Santa campaign, without Rebecca’s support we wouldn’t have had any exchange points or the courage to try and make this work.

Who knew being locked in a room could be so much fun?

The team at Can You Escape clearly did and have had huge success with their mind bending room escape game since their launch.

We took the plunge last year but sadly didn’t escape, we had such a great time though and will be visiting again soon to check out the new games. The interactive game puts teams to the test with a series of interlinking puzzles and riddles, imagine The Crystal Maze but without irritating pan-pipes or disappointing finale.

Can You Escape kindly offered prizes during last year’s event and have been on hand to provide advice and support this year. The team come up with some absolutely ingenious puzzles in their room escape game, so unravelling the puzzle that is Edinburgh Secret Santa should be a piece of cake with their assistance.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Registration is now open – we’ll be matching people up later in the week and will be asking everybody to buy gifts during the 1st week of December, the majority of the gifts would be dropped off and picked up during the second week of December.

Each participant will be given a random Elf name (or get to choose their own), obviously real names are super secret and all personal details will never be shared with third parties.

If you took part last year please make sure you sign up again, we don’t retain personal information longer than we have to, so your login details won’t work from last year.

And finally…

A huge thanks to Malcolm Christie for helping organise Edinburgh Secret Santa. Without Malcolm, the Edinburgh Secret Santa idea would just have been another of my Tweets sent out and lost forever. Malcolm built the website and Secret Santa System (patent pending) and seamlessly matched 200 people from around the city – what a huge achievement!

If you would like to be involved, either as a participant or business please get in touch either on Twitter or via the website:

Edinburgh Secret Santa


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