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Last year, I achieved something I thought was impossible at school, I trained for (and ran) the Edinburgh Half Marathon. I was never sporty when growing up, with the exception of being exceptional at forward rolls; a 100m sprint felt like a long distance run and a marathon was only ever to be eaten.

After months of training I actually started to enjoy running and when the big day came I did pretty well, completing the half marathon in 1hr 53 mins, it was a great feeling to have achieved this relatively painlessly.

With the half marathon under my belt I started to focus on other pursuits, eating and drinking seemed like a nice change of pace, I soon reverted back to my unhealthy state and kept finding excuses not to get out for a run.

I’ve been determined to get running again for a while and ran out of excuses when Lucja Leonard, of Edinburgh Run Tours, asked if I would like to join her on a running tour of Edinburgh.

I’d not heard of running tours before, this would push my multi-tasking skills to the next level. I had no experience of combining running with talking and was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up after spending a few months on the sofa.

All my concerns were put to rest after meeting with Lucja, I was at ease and ready to get out and see the sights of Edinburgh pass by at a slightly faster pace.

Lucja is an inspiration, having recently completed a 250km self-sufficient race through the desert, our short 5km run would be a challenge for me but a walk in the park for Lucja.

Edinburgh Run Tours1

Lucja is passionate about running and loves Edinburgh, which comes across throughout the tour. This was such a unique way to take in the sights of the city, there were plenty of photo opportunities along the way and the tour is filled with interesting information and useful tips. I jogged through places I’d never visited before, took in some amazing sights and started to remember how much fun running could be.

I was out of breath at times, but felt that I’d achieved something on an incredibly frosty morning. I’ll no longer be able to use cold weather as an excuse for avoiding running in future as a result.

If I was in better shape I’d happily have run further with Lucja, even though I’d never run with anybody before I felt at ease and was surprised that I was able to hold a conversation. I enjoyed seeing Edinburgh from a different perspective and would happily recommend Lucja’s tour to anybody wanting to discover Edinburgh at a different pace.

Running with Lucja was like running with a friend, what I thought might have been an awkward run turned out to be a lot of fun.

A big thank you to Lucja for getting me running again and for the Tunnock’s Teacake after the run, that’s the tastiest one I’ve ever had!

Tours start at £10 (plus £5 for each extra person):

  • Auld Reekie Highlights (4 miles) – starts at the Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace, taking you up Princes Street, across North Bridge and up the Royal Mile to the Castle and back past the Palace of Holyrood House.
  • Panoramic Edinburgh (6 miles) – as above plus a loop around the stunning Arthur’s Seat, or if you are game, all the way to the summit!
  • Water of Leith & Village life (7 miles) – get away from the usual tourist trail and check out the delightful walkway known as ‘Water of Leith’ and visit the bustling and vibrant village of Stockbridge, a trendy hangout with a bohemian vibe full of locals of the Burgh.
  • Cobbles, trails & beach (11 miles) – a unique perspective of Edinburgh away from the main tourist sites, taking you past Duddingston Loch, past the oldest pub in Scotland, down to Portobello beach and back up along Brunstane Burn Path & along the Innocent Railway.
  • Bespoke Tours – a unique tour to suit you.

Find out more at www.edinburghruntours.com


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