Edinburgh Fringe Review: Stewart Lee – Content Provider

Stewart Lee’s sold out show at The Stand is work in progress towards a new full length live show due to tour later in the year.

Comedy is refined into an algebra equation to fit the current political climate, the pointlessness of Game of Thrones is addressed, as is the frustration of people in their late 3o’s catching Pokémon. Stewart Lee is heavy handed with masturbation gags, material that doesn’t sit so well in his set, but he soon returns to form with material on the economics of his own DVD sales.

If you already have tickets, it’s likely you’re a Stewart Lee fan and will have a great time. If you aren’t a huge fan, then be sure to look out for Content Provider once it’s been through a few revisions. I for one will be doing just that, and am interested to see how much of the show will stay the same.


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