Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Illusionist’s Table

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The Illusionist's Table


A unique and mesmerising Edinburgh Fringe event, highly recommended.

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The Illusionist’s Table is a Fringe show like no other. An evening of incredible magic and delicious food, hosted by Scott Silven in the stunning Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

At £59 this is certainly one of the most expensive Fringe shows, but it easily justifies the cost once you factor in a three course meal, two drams of whisky, two and a half hours of wonder, and some memories that will last a lifetime.

I hadn’t expected the dinner to be so intimate, we sat with a group of 14 strangers and bonded over our bewilderment whilst dining together. Scott Silven is a charming and enigmatic host, his illusions creep up on you and somehow manage to work even when they shouldn’t. I was sure my involvement in a trick would break the show, but Scott somehow pulled it off.

James Freeman’s menu was also magical, whilst we enjoyed tucking in we got to know our fellow diners and tried to figure out the secrets behind Scott’s magic. The Illusionist’s Table was an incredible experience and one that we’ll never forget.


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society(Venue 182)
Aug 9-21, 23-29
19:00 2 hours 30 minutes




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