Edinburgh Fringe Review: Britney

A sketch comedy about a brain tumour is a tough sell. I’m going to stop describing it that way to friends and family, instead I’ll explain that it’s a sketch comedy about two incredibly close friends (featuring a brain tumour named Britney).

The story of Britney is played out by prize-winning playwright, Charly Clive, and ex-Cambridge Footlight, Ellen Robertson. Charly and Ellen have amazing chemistry on stage, carefully treading the line between tragedy and comedy and keeping the audience thoroughly entertained for one of the fastest hours of the Fringe.

We journey with Charly through her diagnosis, treatment, eventual recovery and end up right back where we started  – the Edinburgh Fringe. Britney is heart-warming, hilarious and incredibly honest. Although the standing ovation was cheekily engineered we’d wager it would have happened anyway.

I’m feeling chills as I write this. I have never been so moved by a Fringe performance before. Britney touched me in ways no comedy show has, clichés such as a rollercoaster ride of emotions have never been so apt.


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