Edinburgh Fazenda Bar & Grill

Edinburgh Fazenda Bar & Grill

Independent restaurant operators City District Group, founders of Fazenda Bar & Grill, have announced they will open their Edinburgh doors on Friday 23rd February.
A £2m refurbishment of the 7000 sq ft site on George Street will include 175 covers incorporating a bar of 40 covers, plus a private dining room with seating for 8 guests. The interiors feature banquette seating in tan leather upholstery with Brazilian flourishes reflected in the golden glow of traditional-style chandeliers. Wine is prominently displayed throughout the restaurant, with dramatic displays forming a central theme.
Fazenda’s Sales and Marketing Director, Tomas Maunier, commented: “Fazenda Edinburgh is inspired by the kind of restaurant you would find in the top areas of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. The experience is so versatile it allows everybody to enjoy it their own way. It’s a very sociable experience in a vibrant atmosphere with quality at its core, offering guests great value for money.”
Fazenda Picanha
Fazenda Picanha

Century-old gaúcho tradition

The authentic gaúcho dining experience embraces rodizio, a unique Brazilian way of serving a variety of grilled meats carved at the table. For a set price, successions of prime cuts are served including chicken, lamb, pork and beef. A highlight is Fazenda’s signature picanha offering- a juicy, tender and flavourful cut from the cap of the rump, popular in Brazil. Fazenda ensures the experience is easy and enjoyable by allowing diners to eat at their own pace via a start/stop signalling system on every table.

Gourmet Sides

Diners are also invited to visit Fazenda’s outstanding gourmet sides bar offering an extensive selection of salads, sushi, smoked salmon, fresh cut vegetables, cured meats, traditional Brazilian dishes, and more.
Francisco Martinez, Executive Head Chef for the group, commented: “The high quality of our produce is essential in delivering the authentic gaúcho experience. We carefully select our meats, just as we would if we were cooking for our friends back in Brazil, and limit the seasoning to the minimum so the natural flavours and textures of these great cuts shine through. The beauty of the experience is that you don’t get stuck with one cut, you go through a culinary voyage that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of flavours.” 
Francisco Martinez and Tomas Maunier
Francisco Martinez and Tomas Maunier
Wine is also a key ingredient of the Fazenda experience, with a carefully-curated wine list offering diners a perfect accompaniment to every cut of meat.  Fazenda offers a selection of award-winning wines with a focus on South America, but also including some of the great players from the old world, ensuring guests experience a culinary journey they will not forget.
Tomas Maunier, continued: “We believe passion is the driving force behind a great restaurant. In South America, where we come from, life is all about sharing, and we want to share our passion for our roots and traditions with the people of Edinburgh.”
City District Group currently operates three Fazenda restaurants in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Fazenda’s sister brand Picanha in Chester.
102 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 3DF


In Southern Brazil herds of cattle graze vast pastures, providing Brazil with meats for the famous churrasco barbecues – a century old gaúcho tradition. Fazenda embraces these roots and traditions, offering guests the best rodizio experience. Their dedication for providing quality ingredients with outstanding service ensures diners enjoy the true essence of the Brazilian gaúcho experience.
The Fazenda experience begins with a visit to the gourmet sides bar that features quality salads, fresh cut vegetables, breads, cured meats, continental cheeses and hot dishes, including our traditional Brazilian Feijoada (bean stew with meat).
Once diners are ready for the meats, they control the service with a small double-sided card placed on the table. The green side signals the chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling meats one by one, while the red side indicates a resting point. To resume the service, diners simply display the green side again, controlling the service at their own pace. 
Lunchtime Selection: Weekdays £19.50 | Weekends & Bank Holidays £21.50
Evening selection: Mon – Sun £32.50
Children: Under 5 yrs Free | 5 – 8 yrs £6.70 | 9 – 12 yrs £10.30
Vegetarian / Vegan / Fish Lunchtime Selection: Weekdays £18.50 | Weekends & Bank Holidays £20.50
Vegetarian / Vegan / Fish Evening Selection: Mon – Sun £23.60
Fazenda is committed to using the very best cuts of prime meats in all its restaurants, and whenever possible, Fazenda Edinburgh will source produce from Scottish suppliers. At Fazenda Edinburgh, there will be a Scottish Butcher’s Choice, which will be a special cut of meat chosen by Fazenda’s butcher, including alcatra and rump, which will change according to availability. Due to the quantity of beef required and the desire for quality and consistency of the offering, a large portion of Fazenda Edinburgh’s beef will be sourced from farms in Ireland, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. All salmon will be sourced from Scottish suppliers.  Executive chef Francisco Martinez is meeting local suppliers and will continue to develop the offerings to include as many Scottish ingredients as possible. He has sourced salad dressings from Gusto Artisan, an Edinburgh-based condiment business that produces small-batch handmade products. The bar will feature a large selection of Scotch malts, spirits and beers, alongside a selection of cocktails with a Scottish twist. All bottled water served will be Scottish


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