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Edinburgh Blog Awards – 2014

  • Vote for your favourite Edinburgh Blogs for 2014

The time has come, last month we gathered your nominations for the first Edinburgh Blog Awards now we’re ready to take your votes.

Half the fun of blogging is discovering and reading other blogs, so hopefully the blog awards will help you discover some new blogs to read.

We’ll keep the votes open until the end of November and announce the winners at the start of December.

If you nominated a blog then your vote will already be counted, if you can’t remember please feel free to cast a vote (we’ll be removing any duplications).

Some of the blog categories had to be removed due to lack of nomination, we’ll revisit those next year.

Vote for your favourite Edinburgh Blogs:

If your blog is included above and you would like to promote on your site, please feel free to use the following code  to create a button for your page:

<a title="Edinburgh Blog Awards" href="http://wp.me/p3lyox-7Gh" target="_blank"><img class="aligncenter  wp-image-31511" src="http://www.edinbraw.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/VoteEdinBlogAwards.png" alt="VoteEdinBlogAwards" width="176" height="71" /></a>


If successful, we’ll repeat this again next year and would hopefully have some prizes for the winners (it’s just for fun this year). We would welcome sponsorship in the form of prizes from relevant businesses for next year’s blog awards, please get in touch if this is something you can help with.


Founder of EdinBraw along with my partner EdinBloggette. Our Edinburgh food, drink and events blog has been a life changing experience for us, we love it!

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