EdinBrew – An Edinburgh Based Craft Beer

It turns out that one of the most important ingredients in beer is time, during our Craft Beer Kitchen Brew Day we had to wait between each stage, with nothing but table tennis, brewing chat and beer samples to keep us going. Don’t worry, it’s far easier than it sounds.

These little breaks from brewing were perfect training for what would seem like a lifetime of waiting. We had to wait three whole weeks from our brew day until we could taste and bottle our concoction. We considered filling the three week break with endless beer samples, but with such a small fridge we had to rely on gin instead.

I don’t think I’ve been as excited about something since the Christmas of ’97 (N64, with Goldeneye and Mario 64).

During our beer-break we had to come up with a label for the bottles, you can use templates provided by the Craft Beer Kitchen, but we wanted to create one of our own.

So, here’s our label in all its glory:

EdinBrew Label

A beer with my face on, how could we resist. You may be asking yourselves, where does EdinBloggette feature in the beer? Well, her heart and soul was poured into this brew as much as mine, but she was happy for me to take centre stage. EdinBloggette features somewhere on the label though, let us know if you can find her.

With the label generated by our in-house graphic designer (although a big thank you is required to Caliber for the original illustration), we were finally ready to revisit the Craft Beer Kitchen to get bottling.

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer05

The process was simple, start with some naked bottles and give them quick shower.

Our bottles were filled with EdinBrew one at a time by hand (our hands), this also required a few tastes of the beer to make sure it was of optimum quality. It was pretty early so we didn’t overdo it, we took a moment to reflect – this was a tasty beer!

Notes of citrus? Check! Floral aroma? Check! Perfect with Pizza? We’ll get back to you.

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer10

Every EdinBrew has been hand filled by EdinBlogger’s team of two – this is our jingle, try to sign it out loud, it’s bound to catch on eventually.

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer11

There’s something very satisfying about putting a bottle cap on, I always thought I liked taking them off, but it seems either task is good fun.

Time to apply the labels:

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer03

When we first saw this loaded up on the machine we got so excited, we thought they looked great and couldn’t wait to see how they would look on a bottle.

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer16

If you ever get the chance to put your face on a beer bottle you should jump at it, life is short, seize the day and brew your own beer.

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew, Edinburgh Blogger's Beer08

We managed to fill up 7 boxes of beer, some of which are now on sale at Stewart Brewing’s shop, we can’t get over the fact that people can buy EdinBrew!

EdinBrew - Stewart Brewing
EdinBrew – On Sale at Stewart Brewing

We would love to hear anybody who bought our beer and enjoyed its limited run. We’ll be keeping two bottles in mint condition to enjoy when we’re 60, I know that beer doesn’t last that long but it’s a nice idea (sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss our update in 30 years time!)

Stewart Brewing Craft Beer Kicthen - EdinBrew - Edinburgh Blogger's Beer1

I’m the kind of person who get’s excited when I make a great cup of tea, so you can imagine how I feel every time I crack open an EdinBrew and enjoy all of our hard work.

Our final verdict on the beer? It’s delightfully hoppy with floral notes and a subtle kiss of citrus, a beer for all occasions.

A big thank you to Stewart Brewing and the Craft Beer Kitchen for a fantastic day, we’ll definitely be back to brew again!


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