EdinBlogger to EdinJogger

This year EdinBlogger will be running the Edinburgh Half Marathon.

Having no experience in such an activity this will prove quite the challenge, however it’s on the to do list (which is contractually binding).

There’s plenty of benefits in signing up:

  • You can do it for a good cause and raise money for charity
  • You should (in theory) become a fitter, healthier person
  • You’ll see more of Edinburgh, although I doubt there’ll be much scope for photos
  • You get to buy new stuff, everybody likes new stuff (trainers, clothing and running gadgets)
  • You can listen to music, the plan is to discover loads of new music through Spotify on my adventure
  • It will (once completed) be an achievement, in real life as opposed to on the xBox

I’ll keep you updated on progress, if only to remind me that I should be training as much as possible.

Wish me luck!


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