EdFringe Review: Trygve Wakenshaw – Nautilus

My only regret from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival was missing Trygve Wakenshaw’s much talked about shows, SquidBoy and Kraken. Hopefully I’ll have no regrets this year, I’ve now seen Trygve’s latest show, Nautilus and quickly booked up tickets for the repeat performance of Kraken later this week.

Trygve is an award-winning performer who trained with Philippe Gaulier, a French master clown, for two years. No doubt some of you will be recoiling in the idea of a clown providing entertainment, but I urge you to read on. Nautilus is one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

From the second Trygve popped some bubble wrap we were in business, supremely silly show business. A series of mostly silent sketches, aside from a few mouth noises and animal impressions, keep the audience on the edge of their seat. A constant stream of applause after each sketch motivates our clown and you can see how much fun he’s having in his own performance.

Watching this show gave me the same feeling as when I first saw The Boy With Tape On His Face, something truly magical was happening before my eyes and it was a real joy to witness. Some jokes require attention and others won’t land until later in the set, just make sure you pay attention throughout and you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly entertaining experience.

The show pokes fun at mime and engages with the audience without saying a word. Trygve is incredibly skilled and likeable, he strips down comedy to its purest form and has the audience in the palm of his hands.

Mime might not be for everyone, a handful of people walked out, but those that stayed for the duration were on their feet for a well deserved standing ovation. I feel this is the perfect Fringe show, one that transcends language barriers and suitable for all ages, despite the 10pm start time.

The show has a slightly longer running time than most Fringe shows, although the 90 minutes absolutely flew by. I’ve sat through a number of Fringe shows that felt twice as long as this, I could easily have watched Trygve for another hour, although fear I would be depleted of all potential laughter.

Grab a ticket for Nautilus and revel in some incredibly clever, yet entirely stupid comedy.


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