EdFringe Review – The Pin: Ten Seconds with The Pin

The Pin are Alex Owen and Ben Ashenden, a dynamic duo of comics out to reinvent sketch comedy one skit at a time.

Sketch comedy when done right is a beautiful thing, there’s a real art to it – requiring perfect comic timing and acting ability. Alex and Ben are a talented double-act, the sketches are incredibly well written and performed with pin sharp precision.

Alex and Ben build up a sketch and tear it down, attempting to rearrange it for maximum impact. It’s a ludicrously entertaining hour of cerebral sketch comedy performed with passion and chemistry. The two bounce off each other beautifully, there’s a Cambridge Footlights feel to the show and a certainty that we’ll be seeing Alex and Ben on TV in the not too distant future.

The Pin presents a likeable and creative double act, with chemistry reminiscent of Peep Show’s David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Alex and Ben are creative and original, wearing baggy shirts and performing tight sketches.

Jokes develop over each re-telling of a sketch, once we take a different perspective on the scene we appreciate the comedy from another angle. The final sketch cements the duo’s position as a pair of smart sketch comedians. I’m looking forward to seeing what The Pin come up with next!


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