Dough, a Pizza, a Fantastic Pizza

Pizza is basically a hot circular open sandwich. Now that you’re up to speed on the nature of the dish let us dive in and take a slice of one of Edinburgh’s best hot circular open sandwiches (spoiler alert).

We entered Dough when the rain was falling and hunger was rising. The idea was to enjoy a wee slice, wait for the rain to pass and then head off somewhere else for additional sustenance. All this changed when we saw the selection on offer behind the counter. A whole half-and-half pizza was our only option, suddenly our wee slice had gone full circle.

The pizza was promptly placed before us, imagine fast food, but delicious – that’s Dough.

Our 50/50 concoction was so thin and crispy. Paper thin is an extreme comparison, instead imagine edible breadable business cards. The true test of a pizza is whether or not it can support its toppings, you’ll be glad to know that Dough create pizzas that are structurally sound.

Dough Pizzeria - Edinburgh - 1 (2)

On the topic of pizzas, my style is to fold, creating a handheld calzone with each slice. EdinBloggette is more traditional in her approach, a two-handed affair leaving toppings on full display. Opposites do attract.

Back to the Pizza. We were in heaven, with blue cheese and Italian sausage on one side and chilli with chicken and pepperoni on the other. The only problem we had was deciding who would get the last slice. I’m a faster eater and can sneak a couple of extra slices in when EdinBloggette isn’t looking, but this was too good to rush and almost too good to share.

Dough was an absolute delight. A great looking pizza place with plenty of options. We’ve eaten our fair share of pizzas in Edinburgh and have discovered “the best” on a couple of occasions, Dough is definitely in the running for Edinburgh’s Best Pizza, it will just take a few more visits to make sure.

Dough Pizzeria

172 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 4BA
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