Dominos – Experimental Ordering

It’s been quiet at EdinBlogger for a while, largely down to a mild GTA addiction. The guilt of not keeping the blog up to date has finally set in so now we’re ready to re-enter the blogosphere.

Recently I was suffering from a fierce hangover and needed immediate sustenance, EdinBloggette was nowhere to be seen – it was a state of emergency. I needed something simple, but was also feeling a little experimental.

Enter, Dominos and their Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza.

It sounds disgusting, but had been on the market for some time so no doubt the recipe has been refined and could possibly prove to be the perfect hangover cure.

I hedged my bets and opted for a half & half, that way if the crust was a disaster I would at least have enough variety in my toppings to maintain interest. Pepperoni Passion and Hot and Spicy seemed like perfect pizza partners, dessert came in the form of chicken kickers.

The order was with me quickly, I opened the box with equal parts excitement and fear, I revealed a well sliced pizza with expertly concealed sausage. Super secret sausage if you will.

Dominos Hot Dog Crust

The toppings were suitably greasy and salty, there is a time and place for such excess and I think I had timed it perfectly. Who doesn’t like pepperoni (apart from vegetarians), it’s even better with melted cheese. The beef bits I could take or leave, green peppers added a healthy edge to the pizza and the raw onion gave the pizza an unwanted crunch.

Dominos Hot Dog Crust
Dominos Hot Dog Crust
 I hadn’t made my way to the crust yet, adopting the conventional centre to circumference approach. I paused and tried a chicken kicker prior to trying the hot dog. These lumps of chicken were fine, but bordered on good once dipped into the garlic and herb sauce (“it’s really superb” is an overstatement).

Dominos Hot Dog Crust

Drum roll….

Dominos Hot Dog Crust

Dominos Hot Dog Crust

The hot dog was the lowest form of meat, super salty, with a rubbery texture and no sign of the promised mustard. It was dry, disgusting and something I would never repeat.

I usually like pizza crust, it’s perfect for dipping into any remaining sauce, however the aftermath of this event was a pile of hot dogs which I feared even the bin would reject.

Dominos Hot Dog Crust

EdinBlogger, taking risks so you don’t have to.

Don’t try this at home.


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