Dial M for Murder – Kings Theatre, Edinburgh

We’ve not been living up to all of our New Year’s resolutions, but one which is going well is our monthly Theatre excursion. February was the month of Murder, more specifically Dial M for Murder at The Kings Theatre.

We’d seen the Hitchcock film a while back and thoroughly enjoyed its twisted plot, when the play came to Edinburgh we knew we had to give it a shot.

The set design was simple, with a only few items of furniture, a red drape, flat door and a view to the stairs on the landing. The complexities came from the plot which even though familiar to us still had us excited to see the yarn unravel. The atmospheric lighting and sound all added to the experience and the revolving stage made for unsettling viewing at times. A blood red set occasionally melting into blue reflected the mood of the play, creating sumptuous silhouettes.

Unsurprisingly the story revolves around murder, an attempt at the perfect murder. As always, we’ll not give any of the key parts of the plot away, but it was as exciting as the film and kept us intrigued throughout. Inspector Hubbard, played by All Creatures Great and Small star Christopher Timothy, calmly collected clues in an attempt to solve the increasingly complicated crime. But for us Daniel Betts and Kelly Hotten were the star performers, expertly playing out scenes and being utterly believable as the damsel in distress and dastardly cunning husband.

Our only gripe would be the slightly wooden delivery of Max Halliday played by Philip Cairns, which took us out of the play and back into The Kings Theatre.


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