11 Delicious Meals to Eat in Leith

There are so many reasons to love Leith, there’s a sense of community and a culture of creativity, but most importantly… there are loads of great places to stuff your face!

We have carried out extensive research in Leith’s restaurants and have rounded up 11 of our favourite meals to enjoy in and around The Shore. If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner in Leith, this guide will the perfect starting point.

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Where (and what) to Eat in Leith

As a food blogger, my shape was quickly becoming spherical, so I’ve had to cut back on daily indulgences. This has been quite a challenge – I get hungry three times a day and I live and work in Leith, which means I can easily access something delicious after a five-minute walk (please tell me a brisk walk for five minutes burns 1,000 calories).

I’ve started bringing my lunch to work to avoid overindulging, but sometimes I’ll forget to bring it in (often on purpose) and I’ll have to resort to eating some of these lavish Leith options.

The Shore Deli in Leith

The Shore Deli – Pulled Pork with Mac and Cheese

Fridays are a celebration – tuck into a Crunchie; set an alarm for gin o’clock; and crack open a craft beer.

On a Friday in Leith, something magical happens at The Shore Deli.

Succulent pulled pork, creamy macaroni cheese and a handful of jalapenos (or gherkins if you prefer) are brought together in a food coma-inducing wrap. Bliss.

Leith’s Shore Deli is well known for their delicious pulled pork wraps and purple slaw, but they only combine it with macaroni cheese on a Friday. Which is just as well, otherwise I’d need to investigate elasticated suit trousers.

The Shore Deli, 52 Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RA

Mimi's Bakehouse The Shore in Leith

Mimi’s Bakehouse – Beforenoon Tea

Edinburgh has some great afternoon teas, but what if you can’t wait until the afternoon to indulge?

Mimi’s Bakehouse on the Shore have you covered with their Beforenoon Tea offering.

If you’re not already aware of the delights of Mimi’s Bakehouse, stop what you’re doing and get yourself to the flagship store in Leith. If you’re at work, explain the emergency to your boss, as a caring and compassionate employer they’ll understand – just make sure you bring them back a slice of the action.

Beforenoon Tea is served on weekends from 9am to 12pm and features cheese and chive scones, bacon butties and a selection of classic cakes. The perfect reason to get out of bed and a sure-fire hangover cure.

Mimi’s Bakehouse, 63 Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RA

Cafe Domenico's Leith Lunch

Café Domenico – The Hot Boy/The Big One

If you work in Leith, you’ll know all about the demand for Café Domenico’s wraps. At least I hope you do, Leith is going to be raging if I make the queue even longer by recommending that you eat here.

With fourteen combinations, there’s bound to be a wrap for you – reading them on the chalkboard may prove a challenge as there’s usually a cluster of hungry Leithers huddled together.

I like to alternate between The Hot Boy (breaded chicken, bacon, Mexican cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, peppers, jalapenos and nachos) and the Hot Boy (breaded chicken, pastrami, brie, guacamole, spicy mayo, gherkins, peppers and jalapeno pesto). It’s 21:46 and I’m drooling as a type, I know what I’m eating for lunch tomorrow!

Café Domenico, 30 Sandport St, Edinburgh EH6 6EP

The Ship on the Shore - Leith Seafood

Ship on The Shore – Seafood Platter for Two

You can’t have a roundup of Leith’s best meals without the inclusion of seafood.

If you’re a fan of seafood, The Ship on The Shore is sure to please. Sharing the seafood platter one sunny afternoon was one of our favourite dining experiences in Edinburgh (and one we’re looking forward to repeating soon).

This is more of a weekend treat, rather than something I’d have the urge to gorge on during my lunch break.

You’ll need time to appreciate this epic seafood platter in Leith, bring a loved one, somebody you’ll be happy to get a little bit messy with.

The Ship on The Shore, 24-26, Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6QN

Los Cardos Leith Walk

Los Cardos – The Irvine

Los Cardos serves up some of Edinburgh’s best burritos (the nachos are damn tasty too).

Our go-to burrito is ‘The Irvine’ – filled with Macsweens Haggis, the spiciest salsa going and optional mandatory guacamole. It’s a firm favourite of Irvine Welsh (hence the name) and has been satisfying insatiable Leithers for years.

Vegetarian haggis is also on the menu if you’re that way inclined.

Los Cardos, 281 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8PD

Roseleaf - Leith Restaurant

The Roseleaf – The Royal with Cheese

We’re always on a mission to find Edinburgh’s best burgers and we’ve eaten far too many in the name of research.

To be fair, I was eating a lot of burgers before we set up EdinBraw, I’m not sure I can keep using it as an excuse for my addiction.

Whilst I couldn’t tell you how many burgers I’ve eaten in Edinburgh, I can tell you where I’ve eaten the most – The Roseleaf in Leith.

The Royal with Cheese has been a reliable staple in my diet for a number of years, try your best not to quote Jules from Pulp Fiction as you tuck in “Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger!”

The Roseleaf also have a number of tasty beverages to wash down the burgers, expect some decent beers and maybe a pot-tail to finish.

The Roseleaf, 23-24 Sandport Pl, Edinburgh EH6 6EW

Teuchters Landing in Leith

Teuchter’s Landing – A Mug of Something

Teuchter’s Landing has one of Edinburgh’s best beer gardens, a wide array of whiskies and some incredibly hearty meals served in mugs.

Cup-a-Soup and Lemsip once fought over the right to use the slogan “hug in a mug” – if either party had visited Teuchtar’s Landing in Leith, they’d hand over the slogan after any one of their comforting mugs.

Tuck into a mug of Cullen Skink, Haggis Stovies, Haggis Neeps and Tatties, Mac and Cheese or some chunky chips.

Prices range from £3.75 to £8.75, depending on size and contents (we recommend a couple of small mugs or one large per person).

Teuchter’s Landing, 1c Dock Pl, Edinburgh EH6 6LU

Desi Pakwan Leith Walk

Desi Pakwan – Lamb Karahi

We’re addicted to Desi Pakwan. It’s becoming a bit of a problem. It’s a once a week habit, we might need to move out of Leith to cut back.  

Desi Pakwan is our takeaway of choice and quite possibly one of the best Indian restaurants in Edinburgh.

Our current favourite is the Lamb Karahi, it has the perfect kick of spice, plenty of garlic, ginger and incredibly tender lamb.

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes on the menu too, the Tarka Daal usually makes an appearance in our order. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand why. Whilst we can’t vouch for the vegetarian curries, I’m pretty sure they’ll be just as exciting.

Lamb Karahi £9.95; side of Tarka Daal £4.25

Desi Pakwan, 61 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8LS

Finn and Bear (The Pantry) Leith

Finn & Bear (The Pantry) – Sunshine on Leith

The Pantry’s Finn & Bear has settled in nicely in Leith, we’ve already lost count of the number of brunches we’ve consumed (possibly connected to the number of Bloody Marys that seem to accompany our early morning feasts).

In The Pantry’s Stockbridge restaurant, you can tuck into Sunshine in Stockbridge – it’s only fitting that there should be a Sunshine on Leith too. We proclaim this to be one of Leith’s (possibly Edinburgh’s) Best Brunches!

Sunshine in Leith £9.50, add chorizo or halloumi fries for £2.20

Finn & Bear, 58 The Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RB

Leith Chop House

Chop House – The Steak Sandwich

Leith’s Chop House is one of our favourite steak restaurants in Edinburgh, the food and service consistently impress, and the Scotch Eggs are quite addictive.

We’ve already listed the Chop House in our Edinburgh’s Best Steak Restaurant guide, if you like steak, you’ll no doubt love what the restaurant has to offer.

I’m not going to send you to The Chop House for a steak, well actually I guess I am, albeit one that’s sliced and sandwiched between sourdough with bearnaise, burnt onions, bone marrow gravy and straw fries.

There’s no dignified way to approach this sandwich, just dive in face first and enjoy!

Steak Sandwich with Straw Fries £12.50 

Chop House Leith, 102 Constitution St, Edinburgh EH6 6AW

Pierinos Fish and Chips in Leith

Pierinos – Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas

When I first moved to Edinburgh I had two missions. Get a job and find some decent fish and chips with mushy peas (the mushy peas were vital).

A recruitment agency helped me find a job, but they couldn’t help with the fish and chips, no matter how hard I pushed them.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve eaten my weight in mushy peas – all thanks to Pierinos and their reliably tasty fast food. It’s our goto chippie in Leith, we’re often guilty of over-ordering (and subsequently overeating).

Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas £8.80

Pierinos, Bernard St, Edinburgh EH6 6PW

Best Meals in Leith

What meals form part of your Leith dining ritual and which Leith restaurants do you keep returning to?

Let us know in the comments below.


  • Kerry Teakle
    01/07/2018 at 7:05 am

    You’ve missed out my favourite Toast for breakfast, brunch, lunch, the best cakes in Leith and Fab wine too. Just the best. My walks revolve around ending up there. In fact I’m just heading off a walk. Now!!!!

    • Gary
      08/07/2018 at 10:13 pm

      We’re working on a brunch guide for Leith, Toast will definitely be featured in there. We just tried their eggs benedict, some of the best in the ‘burgh.

  • Colin Nault
    13/08/2018 at 2:19 pm

    Not a bad list… 🤔
    However.. Where’s my local The Lioness of Leith?!?
    Best burgers and cocktails in town!
    Massive glaring omission imo

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