Cafe Portrait – Afternoon Tea

We love afternoon tea, it comes with guaranteed cake and occasionally some bubbles, but most importantly – an endless supply of tea!

We were impressed when we visited Café Portrait for soup and sandwiches earlier in the year and jumped at the chance to sample their afternoon tea.

Let me introduce you to our towering treats. This was a real head-turner, other customers were itching to get involved, but today was not a day for sharing – especially not the cakes!

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea1

With so much on offer it was difficult to know where to start, but then we remembered our Prosecco, problem solved! This was top-notch Prosecco, refreshingly crisp, not too sweet and very fruity, it’s a £5 supplement for a glass of bubbles, but if you’re going to indulge then you may as well do it in style.

I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t afternoon tea, where are the sandwiches??? Well they arrived as a side-order, this was turning into an afternoon feast, not that we were complaining.

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea5

I can’t help but think of Breaking Bad whenever I see sandwiches with crusts cut off, memories of Walter White soon subsided after our first bite. Super soft bread with high quality fillings made these sandwiches the talk of the table. EdinBloggette favoured the salmon, whilst I’m more of a ham man, hidden underneath were a couple of cucumber and minted cream cheese sandwiches, finally – a way to make cucumber interesting.

Beside the super sandwiches were two of the cutest cheese scones, topped with goats cheese and a red onion jam, these were so good that I had to steal some of EdinBloggette’s when she wasn’t looking. I suspect that she thinks she finished it herself, but this is my confession, I’ve been consumed with guilt and finally got it off my chest. Don’t judge me.

It was a miserable day outside, we hadn’t expected to see soup in our afternoon tea extravaganza, but were over the moon to have such a delicious warming start to our afternoon delight.

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea2

Moving on to our towering treats:

Tier 1 – Fruit Scones
Spiced fruit scones to be precise, with homemade jam and cream. At first when I picked up the scone I thought it was going to be a little heavy and over-baked, they did seem a little crispy. How wrong could I be, once we cut into the scones we found a superbly soft interior begging for a huge dollop of jam and cream. The contrast between the crisp exterior and cloud-like centre was something I hadn’t experienced with a scone before – but it will be something I seek out in all future scone sessions. Delicious!

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea3

Tier 2 – Mini Meringue Tart and Crumble
A teenie tiny lemon meringue tart followed by a shot of fruit crumble, lemon tarts are mostly avoided at EdinBlogger HQ but we both loved our tarts and the fruit crumble was absolutely heavenly. We were almost begging for more crumble, but were all too aware of our final tier.

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea4

Tier 3 – Trio of Tasty Treats
The macaroon was a topic of much debate, is it a macaroon or macaron? It didn’t matter, it was gone in seconds – it was the perfect balance of chewy and crispy, a magnificent macaroon. The little almond bakewell-style square was lovely and moist, but was always going to be overshadowed by the giant white chocolate and toffee teacake, let’s go in for a closer look:

Cafe Portrait - Afternoon Tea6

I didn’t take a photo of the cake’s internal organs, I’d like to say I wanted to keep this a surprise, but it’s mostly due to the fact that I consumed it all too quickly and forgot to take a photo. This cake pushed us over the edge, we were at full capacity but could manage one more cup of tea, we made this last as long as possible to avoid the storm that was brewing outside.

The afternoon tea is £17.50 per person, with an additional charge of £5 for a glass of Prosecco. It’s lavish and indulgent, but in our view totally worth it, the food was lovely and the service was incredible throughout. You may not think to visit a museum for a bite to eat, we’d say it’s one of Edinburgh’s hidden gems, but with so many people visiting we’re starting to think we were just the last ones in on the secret.

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