Four Freakshakes To Try In Edinburgh

Milkshakes are dead. Long live Freakshakes. We’ve rounded up four fantastic Edinburgh freakshakes to get your sweet tooths around. Expect an overload of sugar and a high chance of brain-freeze from these indulgent desserts (surely we can’t call them a drink!)

Updated March 2018

Learn to make your own Freakshakes at home


Freakshakes are meals in their own right with excessive toppings and a suggested side-order of a gym membership.

They’re ideal for sharing, especially if you order one each and get to sample more than one variety.

Edinburgh’s Top MilkshakesEdinburgh Freakshake Marshmallow Lady

The Marshmallow Lady

Nicole has been supplying Edinburgh with her amazing gourmet marshmallows since 2010. Forget the marshmallows from your childhood, those pink and white sickly pieces of foam, these marshmallows melt in your mouth and occasionally come in gin and tonic flavour.

Toasted marshmallows used to be reserved for camping trips, whilst I do love camping I’d prefer not to go to such extremes to enjoy the gooey treats. Thankfully The Marshmallow Lady comes to the rescue, topping her milkshakes with toasted marshmallows, she’s also been known to make smores!
14 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA

Photo courtesy of The Chaotic Scot

Burgers and Beers Grillhouse

As a regular in Edinburgh’s top five Burger polls, Burgers and Beers Grillhouse knows a thing or two about toppings. Their towering burgers can be filled with pulled pork, haggis and, our personal favourite, mac n cheese fritters!

As you’d expect, Burgers and Beers Grillhouse stocks an excellent range of beers, but next time I’m visiting I’ll be diving face-first into one of these instead. Shortly followed by a beer.

192A High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1RW

Artisan Cheesecakes

It’s not true, there isn’t always room for dessert – unless cheesecake is on the menu, at that point the laws of physics stop applying.

Artisan Cheesecakes specialise in my favourite dessert and play a pretty strong milkshake game too. Why not pair the Malteser milkshake with a slice of their matching cheesecake and to follow that, why not try another slice for dessert. Heaven.
104 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4ES

Boozy Cow Freakshakes

The Boozy Cow

The Boozy Cow specialises in booze, meaty treats and massive milkshakes. This cherry pie topped milkshake caught our eye but previous incarnations have been equally drool-worthy, with toppings including Jaffa Cakes, Toblerone and Snickers.

Want a free milkshake? No problem, just take on (and win) the Chilli Challenge – all you have to do is eat a chilli cheeseburger, chilli-cheese dog, chilli-cheese fries and an Oreo milkshake in 15 minutes. Your entire meal will be free and you can include the achievement on your CV.

17 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2EY

Did We Miss Any Milkshakes?

Have we missed one of Edinburgh’s best freakshakes? Let us know where you’ve had an extreme milkshake, there’s always room for a few more on our list!


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