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What better time to announce the winner of the Health and Fitness blog award, with so many New Year’s resolutions getting people off the sofa – this will no doubt be a great resource to help kickstart new regimes.

And the winner is…

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Healthy Edinburgh is filled with great information about healthy living in Edinburgh, with loads of interesting ways to keep fit – both in body and mind. Healthy Edinburgh have such a fantastic approach to blogging, helping build a community by sharing guest posts from other bloggers.

Read more about Heathy Edinburgh in our interview below:

I’d just like to start with a great big thanks to EdinBlogger for organising these awards and of course to those who nominated me for the short-list and to everyone who voted. Blogging is a labour of love and knowing that people are reading and engaging with what I do is the best feeling.


Who is Healthy Edinburgh and why did you set up your blog?
I’m Suzy, a complementary therapist who loves getting massages, going to spas, cooking (mostly healthy) and trying out all sorts of fitness classes – especially the ones which hide the workouts under layers of fun. Over the years, I’ve been to some great classes that didn’t have a great turnout and always wondered what I could do to help get the word out. I was on the bus one day, looking out the window and all I could see were wee independent day spas, yoga studios, bike shops, fruit and veg shops and I thought to myself ‘that’s what I love about Edinburgh, it’s so healthy’…… Edinburgh, healthy……HEALTHY EDINBURGH!!

How would you describe your blog?
On one level my blog is simply my personal journey – stories about all the cool, wacky, weird and wonderful healthy activities I find in Edinburgh. There are hundreds of amazing things going on all over Edinburgh; it’s my goal to find them, try them all and hopefully inspire others to give it a go. My blog is definitely not a ‘review’ of the places I find. Health and fitness is so personal, what one person loves – is someone else’s idea of hell. If something isn’t very good – I just won’t write it up (luckily that hasn’t happened yet). I try to just give an honest, first-hand account of what I experience and people can decide whether or not it’s something they’d like to try.

On another level, it is a health-promoting community. I’ve had lots of great guest bloggers share their stories or areas of expertise. My blog is about things I have already done, so I share upcoming events and offers through the Healthy Edinburgh facebook and twitter. These are also great for chatting with the people that are following along on my journey.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I absolutely love getting out there and trying new things and meeting new people. The people involved in health and fitness in Edinburgh are some of the nicest, kindest, funniest, friendliest people I have ever met. The writing is actually the hardest part; I have a huge backlog of posts that still need writing up!!

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Loads!! How much time have you got? First figure out a good name! And research to make sure it’s unique. Then decide on your platform and the look you want for your blog (I’m still working on that one). Try and write as soon as you can after you get an idea or do an activity – or at least get home and jot down some notes while it’s still fresh in your mind. Get business cards – when you are out and you are taking pictures of your cup of juice and people are looking at you like you’ve got 3 heads, a business card can help save a lot of explaining – and get you a few more followers. Try and talk to other bloggers. If I see a great layout or like another blogger’s writing style, I drop them a line; so far all have been really helpful and happy to share their tips. Oh – and don’t forget Facebook and Twitter – they’re great ways to connect with followers.

What other blogs do you like to read?
I’ve checked out nearly all the blogs on the EdinBlogger Directory and lots of the bloggers nominated for this award with me have been guest bloggers on Healthy Edinburgh. I subscribe to many blogs – it’s nice to get an email for every new post, and it helps bloggers keep track of the readers. Here’s just a few of my regulars:

  • Edinburgh Foody (LOVE their newsletters –and tips on upcoming events)
  • Claire Cycles – funny stories about travelling around Edinburgh by bike
  • 101 Cookbooks – the first blog I followed. Heidi introduced me to Ottolenghi, I’m forever grateful
  • Steel’s Real – My hubby’s blog. He loves cycling, travelling all over Europe with his steel steeds
  • The Foody Teen – a 16 year old with Coeliac’s has decided to study nutrition after school AND prepare recipes AND write a blog. Pretty inspiring!
  • Faith Canter/Living a Life Less Toxic – Raw food, beach clean-ups, home-made health, beauty and cleaning products. Saving the world one tube of toothpaste at a time.
  • Katie Parla/Parla Food – Food blogger in Rome; She loves gelato as much as I do!
  • EdinBlogger – Love the local Blog Directory and the enthusiasm for blogging and for Edinburgh

You can find Healthy Edinburgh at

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