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We’re huge fans of EdinburghSketcher, Mark has such a great style, his sketches capture the beauty and atmosphere of the city perfectly. We’ve been following this blog ever since we entered the blogosphere – it’s been a real joy to see it grow over the years and we can’t wait to see where the world of blogging will take him next.

Who is EdinburghSketcher? 
I’m an Edinburgh designer and illustrator, addicted to doodling, lover of all art and learning. Enjoying life in Scotland’s capital with my young family, trying to make a living out of my passion.

How would you describe your blog?
EdinburghSketcher is a sketch blog, a visual diary of life in one of the worlds most vibrant and beautiful cities. I cover a range of events from major festivals, local business openings to family outings and random views.

Why did you set up your blog?
I love to draw and am constantly doodling in my pad, in the margins of a newspaper or on the back of a napkin. I set up my sketch blog at a time when many around me seemed to be keeping written blogs online and I thought I could create a similar thing but with drawings, a visual diary then that would be interesting to see, especially in such a beautiful city as Edinburgh.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I like the instant feedback, not always good but usually interesting. I like the random way a conversation can go after sending a post into the world. The new connections that can be made and paths taken which may never of occurred to me or been hard to achieve before social media. I think it has opened up many doors for people.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Mainly to blog your passion. I remember I kept a written blog for a (very) short period of time, I never kept it up and found it hard because I am no writer and I wasn’t enjoying it. If you blog about what you enjoy, like the old saying if you can make your hobby your work then it never fees like work (or something like that!).

What other blogs do you like to read?
There are many blogs in Edinburgh I like to dip in and out of but I would recommend ‘auntyemily’ ( from Emily Dodd, a talented writer and scientist who gave me some great advice when I started out. Overseas I must mention Richard Johnson ( who draws amazing sketches for the Washington Post and the Seattle Sketcher who does the same for the Seattle Times. I love to see locations around the world sketched.

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