Benny Boot: As Seen On TV – EdFringe Review 2013

Benny Boot is a staple of our Fringe Festival, his jokes are surreal, punchlines unexpected and delivery is awkwardly unique.

This year Benny has decided to film his own live DVD in preparation for his impending fame, with this in mind we dressed for the occasion and sat towards the back for the best view.

The producer came on stage to introduce the show and warm us up for the main event, Benny Boot and his jokes. Live special effects are created by a team of specialists recruited for the show which are nothing short of spectacular, much more authentic than CGI found in other live comedy shows.

Jokes are introduced one at a time and structure is explained to ensure good momentum, awkward glances off stage add to the atmosphere and make Benny Boot a very endearing comic. It helps that his voice is also hilarious, especially when saying phrases such as willy nilly. There are some inspired jokes about pizza deliveries, the face of death and avocados all of which are brought to life with Benny’s vivid imagination and natural story telling ability.

The pace of the show slows down a little when the guitar is pulled out, but Benny remains on form throughout. The show ends on a high with a comic training montage preparing Benny for his big debut and with talent like this no doubt fame is just around the corner.

4 Stars - Edinburgh Fringe


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