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EdinBraw is a local’s guide to the best of Edinburgh, covering all the fun, food and festivals that the Scottish capital has to offer. We started our life as a food blog with a few simple aims, to find the best Sunday roast, cake and cocktails in Edinburgh.

The blog was founded by Gary (EdinBlogger) and Gemma (EdinBloggette), originally dubbed EdinBlogger and renamed EdinBraw in 2017.

  • Edible Balloons Edinburgh

    Edible Balloons from Bisous Balloons

    We've eaten a lot of things in our time, however, a balloon isn't one of them. I wasn't even aware this was possible until Charlie and Grace got in touch to let me know about [...]

  • Where to eat in Edinburgh on Mondays

    Where to eat in Edinburgh on Mondays

    Eating out at the best of times can be a bit hit or miss. Back in 1884, Mark Twain wrote ‘you pays yer money and take yer choices!’ It still rings true today.  I normally [...]

  • White Horse Edinburgh Seafood

    Coming Soon: White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar – Edinburgh

    This November sees a new addition to the Edinburgh restaurant market as the team behind Chop House Bar & Butchery launch their latest venture in Edinburgh’s Old Town. White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar White [...]

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We love blogging about all the great food available on our doorstep in Edinburgh. We’ll be sharing reviews of our favourite restaurants and attempting a few recipes every once in a while. We carry out a lot of ‘research’ in Edinburgh and are always hunting for the best the city has to offer, we can’t wait to find out and share it all with you.

Be sure to check out our favourite places to eat and drink in Edinburgh in our EdinBraw section of our food blog.

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