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 EdinBraw is a local’s guide to the best of Edinburgh, let us guide you around our home. 

EdinBraw has a simple mission, to find the best food, drink and events the city has to offer and share them with you.

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Bars and restaurants with our EdinBraw seal of approval are places we’d be happy to send our friends and family to. If you live in Edinburgh or are planning to visit, these places will be sure to impress you. 

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EdinBraw started out as a simple blog, documenting our travels around Edinburgh (with a heavy focus on food and drink). We used the site as a creative outlet and as a way to stop taking Edinburgh for granted (imagine not looking up at Edinburgh Castle every time you passed by!)

We now see Edinburgh through the eyes of tourists, we’re constantly in awe of how amazing our home is. 

As we’ve grown we’ve tailored our content to what the people of Edinburgh (and people visiting Edinburgh) want. We now focus on the best the city has to offer and share guides to help you make the most of the Edinburgh’s incredible food and drink scene. 

EdinBraw's Guides to The Best of Edinburgh:

As we discover the best of Edinburgh, we’ll be collating some handy guides to make the most of out of the city.

Expect lots of food and drink round-ups, featuring some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. 

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