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Tigerlily – Shelter from the Storm

It was a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, we were starving, immediate warmth and sustenance were required.

We were spoilt for choice, so many places yet to review in the city centre so after much debate we decided on Tigerlily.

Once we’d settled and began to dry off we worked our way through the menu, we were drawn to the deal of two mains for £15 and whilst not part of a deal, some wine – to warm us up.

It took while for anybody to come and take our order, which under the circumstances was fine, we just wanted shelter and were close enough to the fire to feel warmer by association.

The waiter, Matt, was very friendly and even commended our ordering skills. We apparently picked the two best starters and I selected the best main, our vast amount of dining experience was starting to pay off.

Tigerlily has a lovely interior, much like a Lilly but nothing like a Tiger. The hotel is on our Edinburgh staycation list (along with a whole host of others), we love staying in hotels and the rooms in Tigerlily look amazing.

We digress. Bring on the food.

Tiger Lilly

Starter no. 1 – Duck spring rolls, looking back at the photo makes me think it was quite greasy but on the day we didn’t have this opinion. It was darkly lit, so I think the photos just don’t do the food justice. The spring rolls were very nice, they were served with sweet plum and pineapple sauce which could have used a bit of a kick but worked well with the duck. It’s safe to say these didn’t last very long.

Tiger Lilly

Starter no. 2, risotto with spicy prawns – another bad photo. This was well cooked and nicely seasoned, we didn’t necessarily notice any spice from the prawns but the basil was noticeable and very welcome. The portion size was a little on the small size, especially once I leant over to try a fork full.

Onto the mains, I opted for Fish and Chips whilst my dining partner kept it simple with a classic Caesar salad.

Tiger Lilly

The fish was well cooked and the batter was light and crispy, however the chips were just chips, nothing overly special. Innis & Gunn was used for the batter, although its distinctive flavour did not make an appearance.

Tiger Lilly

The Caesar salad was pretty drab, in this case the photo actually does do the meal justice. Huge slabs of chargrilled chicken sat upon baby gem lettuce, the chicken was bland and whilst the salad was crisp and fresh it was just chicken salad. I’ve no idea why anybody would order something so simple and then be surprised when it didn’t taste like steak.

It was clear that I won the main meal selection contest, my prize? Cheesecake.

Tiger Lilly

A raspberry ripple cheesecake with ginger biscuit base, this doesn’t seem to be on the menu any more which is such a shame. This was an excellent dessert, the ginger biscuit base was great, such a good idea – a well deserved prize.

This was a welcome change from the cold and wet outdoors and provided us with the solution to our starvation. The food was on the most part very tasty, the starters were both very good and whilst the Caesar salad lived up to my expectations of being quite bland it did not satisfy my dining partner. I enjoyed my main of fish and chips and as a lifelong cheesecake addict was very satisfied with the ginger biscuit based raspberry ripple extravaganza – I’m not sure why it’s no longer on the menu but will hopefully be back should we ever re-visit.

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