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The Final Fringe Street Food Reviews

The Fringe Festival was such a busy time for us, we tried to sample a wide variety of shows and foods and our intention was to write about them all. Sadly this didn’t come to fruition and we still have a number of pending posts, we’re going to collate them and do a quick summary of the posts that never happened:


First up, The Foodbox for a falafel salad wrap, it seemed like a healthy way to start the day (at midday).


It was a dry disappointment, void of flavour and in urgent need of something moist to enable ease of eating. We had to request mayonnaise to rescue the wrap, but sadly nothing could bring it to life.

At £5.50 it was pretty expensive and we were still hungry afterwards but chose to fill up on comedy instead.

Food: EdinBlogger (3/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (3/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (9/11)


Next up, a Deluxe Angus Burger from Well Hung.

£6 seemed like a fairly good price for award winning beef, however the burger we had was far from award winning. The bacon was barely cooked and very cold, the cheese hadn’t even considered melting and the burger was massively mediocre.

A picture speaks a thousand words, I just wish this one would remain silent.


Ugh, this photo brings back bad memories, hopefully our next review will lighten the food mood.

Food: EdinBlogger (2/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (4/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (7/11)


Khushi’s is an Edinburgh institution, this year they brought along a shiny curry van and offered an excellent alternative to those wanting to spice up their Fringe food experience a little. As always with Khushi’s the service was fantastic, we opted for a chicken curry with rice at a reasonable £4.95.

The chicken was very moist and sauce was mild but flavoursome, it was a good portion size for the price and it was good to see that the rice hadn’t been overcooked or served up as one huge clump.


Khushi’s on the Move was a great addition to the Fringe, we’ll happily eat from this silver server next time we see it!

Food: EdinBlogger (9/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (8/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (10/11)


It wouldn’t be the fringe without a La Favorita pizza, we enjoyed one whilst sipping a couple of ciders at the Tron Kirk and watching some street performers dance around and make some noise.

Diavolina was our pizza of choice, mostly due to the combination of meat and chilli, the pizza was thin and crispy with good elasticity in the cheese. La Favorita’s big pizza slices are perfect for folding, I trained my pizza partner up on this method of consumption and she was soon an expert in her own right.


La Favorita make great pizzas, ideal for people in a rush at the Fringe and perfect for sharing (unless you are particularly hungry/greedy).

Food: EdinBlogger (10/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (8/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (9/11)


Readers of EdinBlogger will be aware of our passion for Mexican food, we’d already tried (and loved) Antojito Cantina so were excited to test out Betty Goes to Mexico.

First impressions were not good, the staff were so rude, this didn’t matter too much as we weren’t there to make friends – we wanted to find out what Betty had learned from her trip to Mexico.

I opted for pulled pork, the only other option I was given was whether or not I wanted sour cream, the rest came as standard. The burrito was filled, well filled would be a drastic overstatement, with burnt pulled pork, bland guacamole and the sweetest salsa which bordered on ketchup. The preparation was awful, whilst it was being prepared another member of staff laughed at how poorly it had been put together – “that’s your worst one yet” said a the guy in the back to the girl preparing my burrito.


It was so bad that I couldn’t finish it, I get the feeling Betty didn’t come back from Mexico instead she allowed people to run her stall with no passion or ability.

Food: EdinBlogger (1/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (1/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (1/11)


Next up, Scoop Street Kitchen for a burger. At £7 it was an expensive burger, but unlike Well Hung it was a very tasty burger.

Served with bacon and brie, with a tangy relish this burger was a delight. The only negative comment to make was that it was a little dwarfed by the bap, I’m not suggesting a smaller bun instead insisting on a bigger burger (it’s the best bit after all). The burger had a great flavour and had a but of pink running through it, this might not be to everyone’s taste but for me it was perfect.


Food: EdinBlogger (10/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (8/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (11/11)


Finally, back to The Tron Kirk for a German Burger.

Like all good german burgers this was served with haggis, onions and cheese. It served a purpose as fuel, but was nothing more than this. There was an abundance of onions to contend with and the burger was a little on the chewy side, the best part was the haggis, mostly because I’d forgotten how good haggis was – even cheap german haggis has good flavour.


I wouldn’t necessarily eat here again what with La Favorita just moments away, but it was fast food and provided a lining for what would be a big day/night.

Food: EdinBlogger (6/11)
Value: EdinBlogger (6/11)
Service: EdinBlogger (8/11)

So, that’s the Fringe food section done. We’ll have one more Fringe roundup covering off the shows which we never got round to writing up and then we’ll shut up about the Fringe until next year… probably.


Founder of EdinBraw along with my partner EdinBloggette. Our Edinburgh food, drink and events blog has been a life changing experience for us, we love it!
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